Home Made Barbecue Sauce with Fresh Peaches and Apricots

A wonderful sauce... full of zest and not too sweet. Make it home made - no preservatives!

Commercial barbecue sauces are always disappointing to me. They are too overwhelming sweet and unnecessarily salty. Most have preservatives, unatural flavorings and enough grams of sugar to be in a dessert sauce category. They taste like chemicals to me. "Natural Flavorings" once again are chemicals - maunufacturered by chemists to change the flavor profile of food. 

Taste can be categorized into five categories: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness an unami. A sixth taste, one which the tongue first feels is - pungency (hotness).

My homemade barbecue sauce hits ALL of those taste categories!... that's what makes if so yummy and habit forming. By adding the fruit -peaches and apricots, you are increasing the sugars naturally, and reducing the calories. I like using a good quality smoked salt (see recipe) which imparts a nicer flavor I think than "natural liquid smoke". I slather grilled chicken breasts with this barbecue sauce, and use it as a base for many of my recipes. Think pulled chicken and veggies simmering in the sauce....

This sauce is really quite simple to make! It's easy to find ripe peaches and apricots in the middle of summer, I just ask you take a few minutes and peel off their skins - for a better textured barbecue sauce. Then, saute and stir up the ingredients and seasonings (the allpice is a key flavor-note), cover and cook for just 30 minutes. Double the recipe... I think you'll crave more!



Ingredients for the sauce: apricots, scallions, peaches and fresh summer garlic

Peeled peaches and apricots

My simple recipe for marinating and grilling perfect chicken breasts

The finished dish, great for a weeknight meal; ideal for a crowd