Coconut Cake with Apples and Pecans ~ Whipped Coconut Creme and Honey Pecans

A wonderful, pleasing Fall Cake that combines some of my favorite flavors. It's not a fancy cake ~ that's the charm. Unadorned its great for everyday snacking or dress it up with whipped coconut creme and honey toasted pecans. 

Rosh Hashana Recipes to make this week:

Perfect Thyme Roasted Chicken with Pan Gravy

Karen's Glazed Carrot Tzimmes with Apples and Mission Figs


I thought of making a nice, simple apple cake for Rosh Hashana, great for the holiday, and the first week of Fall! For the batter, I combine dried, shredded organic coconut (in health food stores) with toasted, ground pecans and grated apple. Wow- that's a lot of fiber.. but adds layers of flavor! Toasting the pecans before chopping is a step not to miss, they will add great fragrance to the finished cake.

To boost the health profile - coconut milk moistens the batter and coconut oil is combined with a little butter. To keep the color light, I used natural cane sugar. Sure, sweetened whipped cream would be a fine accompaniment - but I tried some thing new (and vegan). Whipping cold coconut cream (the solid substance from the coconut milk can) is a new addiction of mine. I simply add a little raw coconut nectar as a low glycemic sweetener (recipe given).

Any 9 inch cake pan will do, I have a false bottomed metal one I love - it has a nice, crisp fluted edge.

Enjoy these recipes for the cake, whipped coconut creme and honey toasted pecans.