Salad Wedge with Chimichurri Dressing - Feta, Radishes, Micro Greens and Pepitas

Spring Foward! A colorful light and crisp salad which transforms the condiment Chimichurri into a healthy and creamy dressing.

Chimichurri is an Argentinian sauce, marinade and condiment. It resembles a pesto, but lacking cheese and nuts - it is powerfully assertive with herbs, garlic, hot dried peppers and vinegar.

To tranform this adored side-sauce into a dressing I made a few delicious adjustments. I have added scallions (look for spring purple scallions) and swapped the vinegar with zesty lime juice. Greek-style yogurt is blended in for creaminess and adds a lush, filling texture without the calories. Extra virgin olive oil is streamed in for body and flavor - and for it's beautiful green tint.

A quite simple salad - with Spring-like colors and crunchy vegetables. As the weather has started to warm up, I'm certainly looking forward to lighter flavors and the entrance of Spring's first produce offerings.

Try Micro Greens! They are greens, herbs and lettuces that are harvested when they are quite young, generally when they are about 1 inch tall. They lend an interesting tang and interest to any salad... and gourmet appeal.

This salad with layers of ice-crisp iceberg lettuce wedges, thick cut feta cheese, colorful radishes, tangy micro greens and roasted, toasted pepitas awakens your taste buds... and is simply delectable!



 Ingredients for the dressing - using Spring Purple Scallions 

The finished Chimichurri - Yogurt Dressing 

Plated and ready to enjoy

Two recipes Below: