Rhubarb Granita with Infused Spices and Flavors - Cloves, Cardamom and Orange

A Refreshing Spring Granita! Enjoy the tangy-sweet flavor of these gorgeous pink stalks; a wonderful treat, loaded with flavor (no fat and low in calories)

Infuse highly-scented aromatics in a simple syrup, blend with fresh rhubarb and freeze the mixture. Scrape the frozen ice into shimmery crystals and indulge.

Spring flavored Granitas are simple to make and refreshing to eat. Infusing flavors creates an unusual taste-experience. My simple syrup is made up of: filtered water, organic cane sugar, cloves, cardamom, blood orange peel, cinnamon stick and sliced fresh ginger. Simmer the brew and let the flavors bloom. Add the sliced rhubarb and the flavoring ingredients - blend, freeze, flake the glittery granita, and enjoy!

Granita is of Italian origin meaning "flavored ice".  The ice flakes melt on your tongue, and look like little jeweled crystals. Italians have been enjoying this frosty, frozen dessert for centuries; the most popular flavors are Limone and Caffe. Other delectible flavors are Strawberry, Chocolate, Mint and Almond (these are local ingredients).

Because the ingredients are so few, be sure to use the finest-quality ingredients to make the best-tasting granita. Look for firm stalks of rhubarb that are exceptionally brightly colored - this will yield a naturally pretty, rosy granita.

Serve with a splash of your favorite complimentary liquor, if desired, for a sophisticated lift. Pretty glass dessert stems are perfect for serving, or try an Italian short glass, like I used in these photos).



Serve Granita with a crunchy cashew-caramel lace cookie

Gorgeous Crystals, Delicious Rhubarb Granita!

Spring stalks of rhubarb and flavorings