Crispy Skate with Browned Butter, Capers and Pickled Radishes

An easy weeknight meal, perfect for summer - stove top cooking keeps all cool. Low in fat, dusting the fish with rice flour and cooking in a hot skillet creates a skate that is "crispy".

The sweet, rich and buttery flesh of the skate wing pairs perfectly with an earthy, quick-sauce of browned butter teamed with a perky, pickled marinade. 

Sautéed Skate has been a sophisticated and elegant staple in London and Paris restaurants for years. An updated recipe of the "meunière" preparation; the butter has been browned for a few minutes and poured over the crispy fish with the addition of capers, rosemary leaves and pickled radishes (with some of their juices).

Skate has grown in popularity in the U.S. and plentiful in the waters around my home; the skate I purchased was line-caught in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Skates are members of the shark family that have pectoral fins so wide they are called "wings". I first tasted skate in Manhattan, as it was a specialty of the house. It was love at first bite! The texure is similar to a firm flaky fish - the skate meat separates in vertical sections. The flavor is non-fishy-mild and sweet, similar to a fresh, just shucked sea scallop.

Look for skate at a reputable fishmonger who sells lots of it, and can tell you where it has been caught. I purchased mine on the bone from Fjord Fisheries Market in Greenwich, Connecticut. Fresh and sea- smelling, a bargain at $9.99 a pound. When I asked for the fish to be filleted, it was swiftly handled in a few moments. The center cartilage was then tossed in the waste bin, and I screamed "Oh- I wanted that!"  As it was being retrieved I added "just kidding". (I wonder if it would have made a nice fish stock??). We all had a good laugh, so I guess some things are meant to be tossed. 


Some ingredients, including pickled radishes


Radishes and cubanelle peppers 

Two fresh skate fillets

A nice accompaniment to the skate: Hashed Broccolini with Fusilli Paesani (long, twisted italian fusilli shape)

Crispy Skate - colorful and delicious