Chicken and Barley Soup with Loads of Vegetables

The ultimate healthy, comforting soup. A recipe you will make over and over!

There's something about a big pot of soup simmering on the stove that creates a sense of contentment, warmth and comfort.

A steaming bowl of chicken soup is known for it's healing, medicinal powers, or so most grandmothers say! With mythical appeal, it is celebrated as something of a cure-all. Sometimes dubbed "Jewish Penicillin," it is administered whenever colds, heartache, or any other physical or emotional ailments strike.

The nutrient density and flavor of packaged, convenient soup doesn’t even compare to the homemade version. 

The traditional egg noodles found most chicken noodle soups don’t have much nutrition but barley on the other hand is a winner when it comes to good nutrition. With a generous dose of fiber, barley is a heart-smart choice.

So now the method to make the perfect pot of chicken barley soup! I'm urging you to make your own broth, and when you do - the poached chicken breasts on the bone are cut into generous chunks of white meat, ladled into the soup. Start by gently toasting the barley and adding a little broth, that will encorage the barley to give off some starch that will thicken the soup beautifully. Add loads of vegetables to the pot and simmer until all is tender. Lastly, add some celery leaves, fresh thyme and swiss chard (or any greens of your liking) for an enhanced flavor. 

Happy & Healthy Soup Making,


Ingredients for the soup

Vegetables, barley and home made broth simmering in my vintage enameled cast iron pot

The last step, adding some celery leaves (they have great flavor), thinly cut swiss chard and fresh thyme