Chicken En Papillote ~ Asian Style

Delicious chicken and vegetables in a crimped envelope of parchment ~ all the natural juices sealed in. 

Food cooked in it's natural juices produces a very tender interior - so cooking "en papillote" - French for cooking in paper - seals in all the bold flavorings.

For a quick and healthy weeknight meal, I do a little prep the day before. The chicken is marinated and refrigerated. Scallions, garlic, mushrooms and sesame seeds are sauteed for a few minutes to create a roasted flavor. Sliced vegetables and seasonings such as ginger and crushed chiles are added as the topping for the chicken.

The marinade is saved, and is used to drizzle on top, under the parchment with some mirin (rice wine) and coconut oil added. Top with clementine slices for some zesty flavor!

Each packet is crimped and sealed and expands in high heat - creates a bubble of air as the steam circiulates inside. A very moist interior is the purpose of this method, all the nutrients are tucked in! There is no evaporation of the juices, so a nice sauce is created when opened up.

A wonderful weeknight meal - no baking mess!

Special enough for company especially when timed and served right out of the oven. Simply steam your favorite whole grain rice and pass at the table. I'm extremely happy with any leftovers as it makes a quick and healthy lunch - delicious cold! Slice the chicken on an angle with a sharp knife and enjoy.

All the best,


Ingredients inside the packets

Marinate the chicken a day in advance for the best flavor - then, quick and easy to finish

The veggies and flavorings to cover the chicken

The chicken, flavorings and marinade, ready to crimp and bake until puffed and tender

This is how a packet will look as it goes in the oven!

The packet is opened... juicy interior

Add some steamed whole grain rice for a hearty and healthy meal. Delicious cold next day!