Tomato and Romaine Caesar Salad with Roast-Tomato Cheesy & Garlicky Dressing

A Summer Caesar-type-salad. Crisp organic red leaf romaine and sweet cherry tomatoes add more flavor and color and ultimately - extra nutrition. Try a shaved aged goat cheese; mild and tangy.

At the Darien CT farmers' market this week, the beautiful offerings were bountiful from some sweet summer heat sprinkled with a fair share of rain.

I spotted crisp lettuce from Riverbank Organic Farm and envisioned the red tipped romaine lettuce paired with tomatoes (I'm obsessed with tomatoes!). Home I went, fruit and vegetables safely on ice. 

This recipe came to life from my love of Caesar Salad (like many of you). I had the thought of changing it's nutritional profile by adding lycopene abundent tomatoes. I have oven dried the cherry tomatoes to condense their flavor. Add these to my blender Caesar dressing - and enjoy the roasted, herbal flavor.

To serve, tear the lettuce leaves in a large bowl, add some dressing, home made garlic croutons, fresh sliced tomatoes, oven dried tomatoes and shaved aged cheese (try aged goat cheese). 




Oven Dried Cherry Tomatoes

Organic Red Romaine Lettuce

Roast - Tomato Caesar Dressing