Plum and Blackberry Salsa - A Passion for Purple

Savor summer and incorporate super-sweet sun drenched fruit in this recipe for a chunky, heavenly salsa. Eat by the spoonful, and use as a topping for fish

At the market this week, I could not resist the local color! Fruits and berries in awesome hues of amethyst, mauves and ruby. This recipe reflects a minimal approach ~ let the flavors of the ingredients shine through as the dominant flavors.

Adding vegetables (onions) with the fruit creates a nice balance which is not too sweet and develops a more complex flavor. Tomatoes add a great balance and an interesting mix. Look for interesting heirloom varieties, such as Indigo Rose or Cherokee Purple. These will blend beautifully with the purple-hued ingredients.

I start by stirring a red onion jam starter ~ diced onions and organic cane sugar until caramelized and syrupy. Then, a blackberry puree and plums are stirred in. As the salsa cools a bit, fresh figs, tomatoes (with a rosy-hue) blackberries and some lime juice are folded in. 

I resisted the tempation to go a bit further with the flavoring ~ wanting the taste to reflect the summer sweetness. So ginger, garlic, cloves and a few dozen other ingredients I could have stirred in were mere thoughts. As I tasted the finished salsa, I liked the pure taste... maybe throw in just a sprinkle of fresh herbs.

To serve, I like basting fish as it is grilled with a little organic unsalted butter and pour some brandy over while still warm. Adding the salsa, with it's juices creates a beautiful "sauce".

Health benefits: Most foods high in antioxidants are high in fiber, low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and good sources of vitamins and minerals. Plums, Blackberries, Red Onions and Purple Figs have a great amount of the Phytochemical - Anthocyanidins. Tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene, and all play have a great roll in human health. Benefits include with cell- protecting properties, helps boost immunity and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Shop for color... eat for health!



The ingredients: Organic Blackberries, Satsuma & Black Plums, Summer Figs, Indigo Rose Tomatoes, Red Onion and Padron Peppers (for a little heat)

The beautiful salsa ~ add some blackberries when serving

Serve over grilled fish, and a splash of Brandy and some fresh herbs