Mac-n-Cheese Latkes

Delicious savory latkes (potato pancakes) combining - yes - pasta, grated potatoes and sharp cheddar! For Hanukkah and the Holidays ~ a true treat for all including the kids... a creative taste experience

Tonight is the first night of Hannukah "the festival of lights" which keeps a burning flame shining for eight days - and oil heated on the stove for cooking traditional Jewish foods.  

Each family seems to have a recipe for "latkes" (Yiddish for "pancake") which have been handed down from generation to generation. I have a master recipe, and over the years seem to add different flavor profiles with vegetables, seasonings and herbs.

So I considered rethinking the ingredients again, and had a unrelenting desire to construct a macaroni and cheese latke. I concluded it would be too troublesome and would require freezing the batter so that the dairy (butter and milk) would firm up  - then it would need a bread crumb or some other coating to stay together.

Aha! Fettucine pasta resembles the thickness of grated potatoes I thought... and then the creation of this recipe (and the mess!) began.

I first grated the onion and russet potatoes (they have a high starch content) into a large bowl. The fetuccine was cooking (I cleverly broke the stands of pasta into 1 1/2" lengths), and I drained it without rinsing. Adding to the bowl, and giving a quick toss proved to be a success - all kind of stuck together... perfect.

Now, to finish, eggs, flour salt and pepper were blended in - the egg whites are whipped to soft peaks separately which creates a heavenly meringue texture. Fold in some grated sharp cheddar, and drop the mixture into cast iron skillet with shimmering oil.

Enjoy Hannukah and the holidays with your family and friends, and I hope this recipe will be a new traditional favorite!



The ingredients: russet potatoes, broken fettucine, sharp cheddar cheese and onion

Shred the potato and onion, ring dry. Add the cooked pasta, it's starch will help all hold together

Next, add egg yolks, flour, salt and pepper

Fold in whipped egg whites and shredded cheddar cheese

Cook the latkes in a cast iron skillet

Serve the latkes with home made applesauce ~ I add the skins for a rosy hue (then discard them)

The latkes can be refrigerated in an airtight container a day before serving, and reheated