Cooking Classes Testimonials

I love the cooking classes so very much! I absolutely love your fresh, delicious cooking style. So many new recipes and techniques to freshen up my own cooking style.

Also, thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm for cooking with fresh local ingredients.
I look forward to the next class.


I took my first cooking class with Karen in March. It was a wonderful experience. Karen’s recipes are consistently delicious and healthy. She provides excellent tips and resources. I have made a couple of the recipes several times already and they receive so many compliments. I look forward to future classes!


I went to my first cooking class with Karen at Leicht Kitchen last week which was a wonderful experience. It was a pleasure to watch Karen prepare and cook different dishes in a very relaxed and informal manner. She is engaging and fun. We learned about the best places to buy fresh produce, fish, cheese, spices, and different food prepping and cooking techniques. We even learned how to make our own herb-infused oils and a delicious tomato butter. All the cooking instructions were straight forward and easy to replicate, even for beginners. Her dishes are bursting with flavor and colors, and all of us were especially amazed by the vast variety of heirloom tomatoes she introduced to us. Her cooking style is all fun and no fuss, and the finished dishes were all light, healthy, flavorful and delicious. I look forward to another cooking class with Karen!


Taking a cooking class with Karen is an incredible experience. Not only is the food delicious and beautifully presented; what I got  from the evening is so valuable.  Watching Karen work in the kitchen (there are numerous opportunities to dive in), and at the same time share her expertise in preparation of the food, her knowledge of good nutrition, and  product advice, provided me with so much valuable culinary information. I have already started using Karen’s tips with my cooking. If you get an opportunity to take a class with Karen, I would highly recommend this.  I look forward to my next class!
I made the carrot salad last night (minus the asparagus as I did not have this in the refrigerator), with the zesty Lemon Vin….mmmmmm!!!


I am blown away. Your talents are truly unbelievable, and you truly have a calling. Your ability to make all of these courses, each one labor intensive, each one incredible, is beyond amazing. I could not believe what I was witnessing. You just have to do this always! You will be such a successful teacher and mentor. Really, you are so GOOD! I am so happy that I came tonight and so happy to have walked away with such delicious dishes. I cannot wait to attempt to make these recipes. All will be so happy to enjoy something so different from the local fair, and hopefully at least half as delicious as what you created for all of us tonight. I cannot thank you enough Karen. It was truly an enlightening evening.


I went to my first cooking class with Karen at Leicht Kitchen last week – what an amazing experience!  I would say that learning different cooking techniques, where to buy fresh ingredients and learning about food and nutrition were the best parts, but actually eating the dishes Karen prepared was the best – soooo delicious!  It was all so flavorful and healthy!  And she gave us the recipes to bring home!  If you get an opportunity to take a class with Karen, I would highly recommend it.  I look forward to my next class!


Karen gave an extraordinary cooking class. She covered so much in the most graceful way. Her recipes are healthy, superb and delectable to taste. No restaurant compares!


Karen’s cooking class at Leicht was both informative and fun! A very enjoyable evening; we were greeted at the door and offered a delicious appetizer and refreshments. We had a wonderful time learning different techniques to cook fish and every step was explained in detail. All the ingredients on the menu were fantastic and the side dishes and dessert were so delicious! I highly recommend any class that Karen offers. It was an excellent evening!


I had a wonderful time. It was very special for me. You are right, it was a great mix of people.  I certainly want to come to your next class and if possible bring a friend. Just keep me posted.
Did I tell you I loved every minute of the class and then I was then rewarded with outstanding delicious food.
A heart filled with so much appreciation,


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