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Karen's Gooseberry & Tomatillo Salsa

Karen’s Gooseberry & Tomatillo Salsa

Naturally tart gooseberries pair with roasted tomatillos bursting with a unique, sweet-sour flavor. Wonderful on tacos, fish, chicken or your favorite chips. You’ll love this flavor combination! Take advantage of the gooseberry season – now available at Farmer’s Markets and better grocery stores.  About Gooseberries:  Gooseberries have a pleasant sweet-tart zing! They have a rich source […]

Karen's Roasted Beet Dip with Za'atar Bread Flatbreads

Karen’s Roasted Beet Dip with Za’atar Bread Flatbreads

A Hearty and Healthy Beet Dip with a Rich Roasted Flavor. Add Homemade Seasoned Flatbread for the Perfect Mezze Starter! I served this recipe as a welcome hors d’oeuvre at my last Cooking Class: Spring Fling: Cooking with the Season to rave reviews! (Greenwich CT.) A delicious dip & mezze spread with a dynamic magenta […]

Karen's Red Pepper Coulis

Karen’s Roasted Red Pepper Coulis

A rich and decadent tasing sauce that is light and delicious! Eat with my Spiced Grilled Red Fish or drizzle over eggs, chicken, veggies & fish. Enjoy this wonderful Coulis! Endless possibilities to serve it with. Karen Available Now ~ Check out my Farmers’ Market Jute Bag! It is designed by me with a zesty-flair and […]

Karens's Very Veggie Pasta Salad with Parsley Vinaigrette

Karen’s Very Veggie Pasta Salad with Parsley Vinaigrette

THE pasta salad for any gathering, picnic or barbecue. Healthy Veggies surround Pasta and a Zesty Parsley Vinaigrette. See all my methods and tips for success! Perfect for your Memorial Day Celebration! Also See: 22 Spring Memorial Day Recipes How to make the BEST Pasta Salad: Choose the right pasta – a small sized on […]

Karen's Weeknight Simple Coconut Rice

Karen’s Weeknight Simple Coconut Rice

Fluffy yet Creamy Coconut Rice ~ the perfect Side Dish! Delicious, Vegan and a snap to make in less than 20 minutes. What to LOVE: Fragrant, Delicious with a lingering natural coconut flavor Cooks perfectly separated, yet a creamy texture – in less than 20 minutes! Never gluey or mushy Reheat beautifully! Options to add […]

Karen's Roasted Vegetables with Tahini-Garlic Drizzle

Karen’s Roasted Vegetables with Tahini-Garlic Drizzle

How to Successfully Season, Roast and Serve an Assortment of Vegetables. Healthy and delicious – great for weeknight meal building, or serving a crowd. This recipe make a LARGE platter of assorted Vegetables! ~ Perfect for any holiday and can be made early in the day. Think: Easter, Passover, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Mother’s Day […]

Karen's Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Karen’s Blood Orange Vinaigrette

A Tart- Sweet Vinaigrette with a Gorgeous Hue and lots of Zesty Favor! Simply whisked together. Adds a super pop of color to all your salad creations! A very juicy vinaigrette with just enough extra virgin olive oil to emulsify. I squeeze my own blood oranges! I like a little pulp in the vinaigrette. I […]

Karen's Moroccan Roasted Rainbow Carrots with Harissa Vinaigrette

Karen’s Moroccan Roasted Rainbow Carrots with Harissa Vinaigrette

Easy – Gorgeous & Healthy Roasted Carrots are topped with Sprouts & Endive and bathed in a Hearty Harissa Vinaigrette The EASY Method: Scrub Carrots, trim ends – add to a roasting sheet pan Add Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Chili Flakes Roast at 400 degrees for 20 minutes, turn over, cook 5 minutes more […]

Toasted Coconut on Grapefruit Sherbert

Karen’s Valentine’s Day Delicious Desserts

14 Delicious Dessert Recipes to Fall in Love With! Creative, Crave-Worth and Lightened-Up Love is in the air with tempting recipes you can successfully make at home! NEW: Karen’s Vegan Milk Chocolate Pudding Creamy and delicious with added chopped toasted hazelnuts – easy, done in under 10 minutes! Perfect for Valentines Day! I’m adding Caramelized […]

Karen's Vegan Milk Chocolate Pudding

Karen’s Vegan Milk Chocolate Pudding

Creamy and delicious with added chopped toasted hazelnuts – easy, done in under 10 minutes! Perfect for Valentines Day! I’m adding Caramelized Sugar Shards with Freeze Dried Strawberries. See my pick for the BEST Vegan Milk Chocolate! It is not easy to find a good Vegan Milk Chocolate! Milk Chocolate contains milk… d-a-i-r-y! And almost […]

Easy Russet Fries with My Sazón Seasoning

Karen’s Oven Fries! Three Recipes: Seasoned Russets, Celeriac and Sweet Potatoes

My go-to weeknight staple… oven fries! Crispy and tender inside – cooks quickly and perfectly seasoned. Unlike fried potatoes -oven fries retain their vitamins and minerals Sazón Seasoned Russet Oven Fries: Crispy and Full Of Flavor – Toss with a little EVOO and my seasonings for the ultimate Oven Fries! Delicious Option: adding Parmesan & Parsley. […]

Sazón Seasoned Russet Oven Fries with parmesan & parsley

Easy Russet Oven Fries with My Sazón Seasoning

Crispy and Full Of Flavor – Toss with a little EVOO and my seasonings for the Ultimate Oven Fries! Option: adding Parmesan & Parsley. For a Vegan option, sprinkle on Nutritional Yeast, replacing the parmesan. Keep the skins on for extra fiber! With potatoes you get the energy, potassium (more than a banana) and vitamin C you […]

Karen's Cajun Celeriac Fries

Celeriac Oven Fries with Cajun Seasonings

A fabulous low-carb alternative to potatoes with a nutty-celery flavor. Roasted to perfection with golden edges and just the right amount of heat. Crispy and easy to prepare! Cut the Peeled Celery Root into batonettes (thick chunky-cut) – add them to boiling water to soften and cook for just 3 minutes; drain and pat completely […]

Karen’s Ultimate Veggie Plant-Based Burger

These Burgers are Not Impossible to make and enjoy and Beyond Delicious! This Plant Based Burger is better than any store bought product without a bevy of unwanted ingredients. Gluten Free. Why Make your own Plant-Based Burgers? Use healthful real food, not chemicals – compared to processed commercial plant-based burgers Mine includes: Legumes: Lentils & […]

Peruvian Grilled Chicken Paillard with Citrus, Herb & Aji Amarillo Pepper Marinade

Fabulous Salads to make now in Winter

Healthful Salads using the Freshest Ingredients available in Winter. Hearty and loaded with fiber and natural goodness. Say NO to boring salads! Learn how to combine crisp ingredients with special vinaigrettes to make Winter blues a little more exciting & delicious!  Salads with Chicken: Packed with Zesty Flavor, Crunchy Texture – a Salad to Savor! […]

Karen's Smoky Chili Seasoning & Rub

Karen’s Smoky Chili Seasoning & Rub

A well-rounded blend with four different chilies and spices that’s nice and smoky and perfectly blended with a good kick, but not fiery hot. I’m loving it rubbed all over chicken be roasted. Use with coarse salt when dry brining… amazing crispy skin results! Created to add a deep-smoky, spicy aura to many of your […]

Karen's Thai Tomato Coconut Soup with Lentils and Silken Tofu

Karen’s Thai Tomato Coconut Soup with Lentils and Silken Tofu

A creamy delicious Vegan soup that boasts a bevy of protein with Panang curry flavors. The toppings make it most special! Packed with healthy ingredients and zesty Thai seasonings.  Yes ~ Creamy Deliciousness… I blend half the soup until smooth, leaving some wonderful texture. Winter is here, and it’s SOUP-MAKING-TIME in my Kitchen! Love soup […]

Karen's Somewhat Spicy Bloody Mary Hot Sauce

Karen’s Somewhat Spicy Bloody Mary Hot Sauce

An Easy to Make At-Home Hot Sauce with a great tang and just the right heat! Addition of horseradish, celery seeds, worcestershire sauce and lime juice lends a definite Bloody Mary taste profile. Simple to Make! Add water to your Chili Flakes and let the flavor bloom I love these Sichuan Chili Flakes. Bright red, spicy and […]

Skillet Stir-Fried Blackened Green Beans

Skillet Stir-Fried Blackened Green Beans

Dip these irresistible Crunchy Blackened Green Beans into my Roasted Garlic Remoulade Dip with Bread & Butter Pickles! CRUNCH- FLAVOR + EASE… one of my favorite veggie dishes to make! Makes an interesting Side-Dish for your Thanksgiving Table too! Use any fresh beans you like – Green Beans and or Yellow Wax Beans… or a combination […]

Skillet Stir-Fried Blackened Green Beans

Roasted Garlic Remoulade Dip with Bread & Butter Pickles

A luscious southern-style remoulade sauce (a fancy-spiced flavored mayonnaise.) Use as a dip for my Stir-Fried Blackened Green Beans My version of an early Creole recipe. Because of the creamy texture and bevy of assertive ingredients, it’s easier to compare this version to the tartar sauce-like remoulade within classical French cuisine. Add some cool flavorings such as […]

Marinate a colorful array of Heirloom Tomatoes in my Shallot-Thyme Vinaigrette

Crazy for Heirlooms – 24 Tomato Recipes to Cook Now!

Summer is my favorite season – and Heirloom Tomatoes are my best-loved fruit (botanically.) See ALL the Recipes: Salads, Soups, Condiments, Fresh Tomato Sauce, Risotto and More! Salads Featuring Heirloom Tomatoes: Heirloom Tomatoes are at their peak right now – take advantage of their superior taste and beautiful hues. A wonderful summer pasta salad – […]

Karen's Spanish-Style Grilled Bread With Tomato

Karen’s Spanish-Style Grilled Bread With Tomato

Pan con Tomate: bread with tomato has never tasted so good! Grilled Garlicky Bread, Grated Heirloom Tomatoes with Topping Options I Love. Variation: Zucchini & Garlic topping!  A simple EASY recipe using stellar ingredients! The Method: Brush bread slices with a fruit olive oil Broil or grill bread until toasty and edges have blackened  Cut […]

Karen's Mango Sorbet with Ginger & Turmeric

Karen’s Mango Sorbet with Ginger & Turmeric

A Creamy & Luscious Sorbet made with five ingredients ~ Fresh Mango, Ginger-Turmeric Tea, Pure Cane Sugar, Fresh Ginger and Lime Juice. Simple to prepare – silky texture! Tropical mangos making a smooth purée to create a refreshing sorbet treat with sweet fruit intensity. Using Tea in the recipe: Turmeric adds a nice color and earthy […]

Summer Pasta with Sugar Snap Peas, Fresh English Peas & a Creamy Herbal Vegan Sauce

Summer Pasta with Sugar Snap Peas, Fresh English Peas & a Creamy Herbal Vegan Sauce

A simple pasta dish LOADED with two kinds of Fresh Peas – simple sautéed with Garlic then folded with Pasta and a Creamy Herbal Vegan Sauce (which is cashew based.)                  How to Make a Pasta Dish Healthier? Add MORE VEGGIES!  There are almost as many peas in […]

Karen's Lemon-Oregano Marinade with Fennel Salad and Perfect Grilled Chicken

Fennel Salad and Perfect Grilled Chicken with Karen’s Lemon-Oregano Marinade

Packed with Zesty Flavor, Crunchy Texture – a Salad to Savor! A refreshing mix of Fennel, Vadalia Onions, Fresh Peaches, Local Cucumbers & Perfect Grilled Lemony Marinated Chicken TODAY ~ Here are Two Recipes! 1. Karen’s Lemon-Oregano Marinade 2. Fennel Salad and Perfect Grilled Chicken (that has been marinated in the Lemon-Oregano Marinade) Fennel has a […]

Grilled Romaine Lettuce with Corn, Green Bean & Tomato Salad

Grilled Romaine Lettuce with Corn, Green Bean & Tomato Salad

Crispy Romaine with a smoky essence – topped with Farm Fresh Veggies, Lemony Tahini Dressing and Garlic Sourdough Toasted Breadcrumbs  A brilliant technique! Romaine Lettuce halves are grilled until slightly charred offering a gently smoky essence. Lettuce remains crispy ~ add a bevy of veggies, dressing, and crispy breadcrumbs for extra crunch & flavor. Elements of […]

Karen's Lemony Tahini Dressing

Karen’s Lemony Tahini Dressing

A Creamy Dressing for Salads, Pasta Salads – makes a great dip too for Crudités. Simply whisk in one bowl! Lemony & Garlicky with the addition of Sesame Tahini for a nutty edge. A delicious crisp salad with a smoky essence topped with Karen’s Lemony Tahini Dressing and Garlic Sourdough Toasted Breadcrumbs. Serve the dressing at […]

Stewed Rhubarb Whipped Coconut Cream

Stewed Rhubarb Whipped Coconut Cream

The perfect little fruit- whipped cream great to adore Spring & Summer Desserts. Stewed Rhubarb is folded into Whipped Coconut Cream – dairy-free. Not too sweet – highlights rhubarb’s special tart special flavor. Easy to make – add chopped rhubarb to a pot with sugar and orange juice – bring to a boil, simmer just […]

Karen’s Mexican Pulled Chicken Tinga – and how to make fabulous tacos!

Condiments for Flavor – The Little Things Makes the Dish!

Condiments! Yes, these powerhouse RECIPES will add flavor to a bland dish, or were created to enhance the flavor of food. And we all eat for flavor! Tinga Sauce:  Originating in Puebla, Mexico, Chicken Tinga is an adaptable and authentic dish made with shredded chicken in a hearty, spicy red sauce.  The dish likely originated […]

Karen's Spring Vegetable Fried Rice

Karen’s Spring Vegetable Fried Rice

Tossed with my favorite in-season Spring Veggies for a wonderfully healthy dish that’s delicious and fun to make. My method teaches the art of stir-frying – perfectly crisped rice with tender-crisp vegetables and Asian aromatics. Spring Veggies: I’m using Fat Asparagus, Fresh Peas (from the pod), Onions, Scallions, Leeks, Multi-Colored Heirloom Carrots, and Fresh Chives An essence […]

Karen's Vegan "Crab Cakes"

Karen’s Vegan “Crab Cakes”

Healthy, Vegan & Delicious! Filled with Chickpeas, Artichoke Hearts and Hearts of Palm (which mimics the look of crab) ~ Herbs & Spices. Make minis for Hors d’oeuvres or larger ones for a delicious Main Course Meal. So much flavor in every Bite! Not fried – “pan fried” with just a touch of oil for […]

Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake with Crushed Raspberry Coconut Whipped Cream

Flourless Chocolate Mousse Cake with Crushed Raspberry Coconut Whipped Cream

A Decadent Bittersweet Chocolate Indulgence with an Airy Easy Whipped Coconut Cream Topping with Crushed Raspberries Gluten Free, Dairy Free & Parve This is the showstopper cake I am making for Passover! Perfect too for Easter…or anytime you crave a dense yet light dose of chocolate indulgence. Decadent but not overly sweet flourless chocolate cake […]

Karen's Roasted Pepper and Tomato Chile Sauce

Karen’s Roasted Pepper and Tomato Chile Sauce

Delightfully creamy & robust  – a nice mix of Red Roasted Peppers, San Marzano Tomatoes, Garlic and Guajillo Chiles. A versatile tomato based sauce with a spicy kick. Simple Ingredients: Roasted Red Pepper, San Marzano Tomatoes, Guajillo Chile Peppers, Garlic, Tomato Paste and Mexican Oregano. Guajillo peppers have a rich, slightly earthy, and fruity flavor profile with […]

Peruvian Citrus & Herb Marinade with Aji Amarillo Peppers

Peruvian Citrus & Herb Marinade with Aji Amarillo Peppers

A zesty and pungent citrus marinade made in a blender with wonderfully spicy and fruity Aji Amarillo Peppers. Fabulous to flavor Chicken, Fish, Vegetables and Vegan Proteins. Perfect with my Grilled Chicken Paillard Salad. Place all ingredients in a blender and whirl – I add some parsley (or use cilantro) at the end for some […]

Karen's Natural Orange Oat & Nut Granola

Karen’s Natural Orange, Oat & Nut Granola

A Zesty & Crunchy Granola Loaded with Almonds, Pecans and Natural Orange Rind. Such an addictive flavor using Orange Oil for added flavor (yes a recipe for that too!) I LOVE making granola! I eat some every morning with yogurt and berries, yes – e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y! See that is is citrus season right now – I […]

Citrus Chili Shrimp and what to do with them

Karen’s Spa Asian Orange-Sesame Vinaigrette

A blast of flavors with a citrus essence – a flavorful vinaigrette! Lighter in calories; with less oil. So many uses… I love it drizzled over my Spa Salad with Spicy Grilled Citrus Shrimp & Rice Noodles. High on flavor…lower in calories! A very ZESTY Vinaigrette that can add flavor to so many composed salads, […]

Sautéed Spinach with Lemon, Garlic & Pine Nuts

Sautéed Spinach with Lemon, Garlic & Pine Nuts

The perfect Easy Sauté for a Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dish. Great to master for weeknight meals too. Large leaf spinach pairs with golden sliced garlic, lemon rind and toasted pine nuts. Why Large Leaf Fresh Spinach? These leaves have a thicker wall – will not wilt as easily as “baby spinach” found in bags, which […]

Chocolate-Caramel Pie with Granola Coconut Crust - Vegan

Chocolate Caramel Pie with Granola Coconut Crust – Vegan

A wonderful decedent but not-too-rich pie with a press-in crust with a chocolate base and caramel top layer. Finished with coconut whipped cream, honey-sugared peanuts and toasted coconut flakes. Love at first bite! Gluten Free too! Is this a delicious pie that just happens to be Vegan? ALL will enjoy this one! I cleverly use […]

Sunchoke & Squash Soup Recipe

SOUPS ON! My Favorite Soups to Make Right Now

15 Soups to Make right now and into Winter’s Cooler Months. Creative, original soup recipes with wholesome ingredients bursting with flavor. A wonderful collection to try… before I send out all the Thanksgiving essential recipes! Sunchokes lend a creaminess to warm soups, perfectly paired with the velvety smooth Kabocha Squash for a wonderful Fall & […]

Thai Inspired Honeynut Squash Soup with Toasted Rice Garnish

Thai Inspired Honeynut Squash Soup with a Toasted Rice Garnish

My Favorite New Soup of the Season – Perfectly Seasoned and Quite Easy to Prepare. The fabulous creamy texture of Honeynut squash makes a velvety soup – Thai spices from an unexpected place – in a little can… how convenient! Roasted Honeynut Squash is added to a quick base of onions, shallots, ginger and garlic […]

Karen's Chunky Apple Maple Jelly on a Goat Cheese Crostini

Karen’s Chunky Apple Maple Jelly

So Simple and Irresistibly Delicious! The Key is two different Apples and a dose of really good maple syrup. Slather over your morning bread, for use as a topping for crostini as I did. A Chunky Jelly that’s definitely a little syrupy and ready to slather!  I’ve used a Macoun Apple (soft) and an Heirloom Hudson Golden […]

Garlic-Garlic Vinaigrette

Garlic-Garlic Vinaigrette (with my “Garlic Crisp” Recipe for Salads)

I’m Crazy About Garlic! This Amazing Zesty Vinaigrette uses Garlic Three Ways. Minced Garlic ~ Softened Garlic ~ Garlic Oil. Tangy, Garlicky – Liquid GOLD! Drizzle Over Salads and more. My Garlic-Garlic Vinaigrette uses GARLIC THREE WAYS: Raw Garlic; finely chopped Quick Garlic Confit; softened peeled cloves gently cooked in olive oil (a milder flavor […]

Fabulous Fall Vegetable Soup with Lentils & Buckwheat

Fabulous Fall Vegetable Soup with Lentils & Buckwheat

All your Fall Favorite Veggies with Two Gluten Free Grains (one is actually a seed) – Health in a Bowl! SOUPS ON ~ Warm up with this chunky & hearty broth soup: chop, stir, simmer – ENJOY! Use Vegetable broth for Vegan. I love to make a healthy Vegetable Soup in the Fall using what’s growing […]

Karen’s Garlic Confit ~ A Silky, Spreadable Condiment

Karen’s Garlic Confit ~ A Silky, Spreadable Condiment

Garlic Confit is a “must have” recipe for every cook. Luscious softened garlic surrounded by a blend of healthy oils. Use the cloves and garlic- infused oil for a subtle yet rich flavor. Ok – I’m obsessed with garlic! I rarely cook without it. Nicknamed “the stinking rose” – it’s the most common flavoring agent in […]

Karen's Raspberry Sherbet with White Chocolate Shavings

Karen’s Raspberry Sherbet with Shaved White Chocolate

A flavor explosion with beautiful color and texture. This simple Sherbet has just the right sweetness and is so refreshing! The perfect treat to cool off on a hot summer’s day. Totally loving the white chocolate shavings mixed-into the sherbet.  What is Sherbert (you might be thinking…) ? Sherbet is not quite ice cream and […]

The No-Cook Yellow Tomato Sauce with another type of Pasta : Greek Long Macaroni

No-Cook Heirloom Yellow Tomato Sauce with Pasta

For Tomato Lovers! A simple and delicious sauce – serve over pasta with plenty of basil leaves. Puréed Tomatoes team with sliced cherry & oblong Heirloom Tomatoes with Cooked Garlic Cloves in Olive Oil – a light and flavorful “No-Cook” Sauce! What is a No-Cook Tomato Sauce? The skins are not removed and the sauce is […]

Gluten Free Summertime Panzanella Tomato Salad

20 Best Summer Salads! And NEW: Karen’s Summer Greek Salad with Peaches & Fennel

My collection of FABULOUS, Creative & Healthy Salads for Everyday and Special Occasions. The freshest ingredients produce the most flavorful salads! Summer salads are about mixing up nature’s bounty ~ “the true taste of summer!” I’ve added Fresh Summer Peaches and Fennel (found at a farmers’ market) to classic ingredients of the Greek Salad. Adds […]

The finished blackberry sauce to drizzle over the custard rice pudding

Karen’s Quick Blackberry Sauce

I love this quick blackberry sauce for drizzling on many desserts – especially my Custard Rice Pudding with Berries. Make the sauce when the blackberries taste sweet and not too sour. Drizzle this on everything… Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Cakes and Crepes! Enjoy! Karen I love this quick blackberry sauce for drizzling on many desserts […]

Karen's Thai Chili Glaze & Dipping Sauce

Karen’s Thai Glaze & Dipping Sauce

A quick and flavorful Sauce and Glaze – It is sweet yet boasts a good amount of flavor from Garlic, Ginger, Chilis and Red Scallions. A wonderful DIP for Spring Rolls – fresh or fried. Be creative!! I’m using it as a GLAZE for Poached Salmon… also think as a glaze for chicken or veggies right off the […]

Quattro Colore Beet Salad with Shallot-Thyme Vinaigrette

Quattro Colore Beet Salad with Shallot-Thyme Vinaigrette

I can’t get enough of the earthy-sweetness of Beets! Especially in summer when they are just pulled from the ground in a myriad of colors.  A Simple Beet Salad Showing Off Their Natural Glorious Colors. Four different colored beets are sliced with a pungent vinaigrette and pickled onions. For the Quattro Colore Beet Salad – […]

Puttanesca Rice Stuffed Tomatoes on platter with basil

Karen’s Puttanesca Rice Stuffed Tomatoes

Intensely Flavored Rice Salad with Mediterranean Flavors: Olives, Onions, Garlic, Capers and Fresh Herbs – Served Cold or Room Temperature.  A wonderful side dish or light lunch! Terrific addition to Summer Meals & Picnics. Next week – Look for my FAVORITE SUMMER RECIPES to make right now! Summer Tomatoes will soon be ready to be […]

A Jar of Homemade Fig Jam with Rosemary

Karen’s Fresh Fig Jam with Rosemary

A Delicious Jam from Ripe Seasonal Figs – with a hint of Balsamic Vinegar and Fresh Rosemary. So many uses! Spoon on toast – Create My Fresh Fig & Herb Balsamic Dressing – Use a Glaze for the Grill. I am a FIG Lover! Known for their aromatic and sweet flavor, I first fell in […]

A gorgeous display of Grilled Vegetables and Ginger-Sesame Sauce

Karen’s Ginger-Sesame Sauce – and what to do with it!

For Dipping, Slathering and Basting – THE Sauce that makes all taste better. Packed with flavor, very low in calories & fat – ginger lends a naturally spicy kick…and a multitude of healthy benefits! Ginger-Sesame Sauce for Dipping & Beyond – tangy with a roasted note and slightly sweet  It’s super easy to make! Add […]

Passover Quinoa Pilaf with Asparagus and Sugar Snap Peas

Passover 2022 Recipes plus NEW: Quinoa Pilaf with Asparagus, Sugar Snap Peas & Mint

Healthful and Hearty Passover Recipes you can make with confidence. Brighten up the holiday with some creative, colorful and healthy dishes ~ from Soup to Dessert. Find all the inspiration you need here to plan a Passover menu that you and your guests will love. A Big Batch Side-Dish (serves 12) That Pairs Well With All […]

Passover Quinoa Pilaf with Asparagus, Sugar Snap Peas & Mint

Passover Quinoa Pilaf with Asparagus, Sugar Snap Peas & Mint

A Big Batch Side-Dish That Pairs Well With All Your Passover Main Courses. Fluffy Quinoa with Onions, Leeks and  Spring Veggies, adorned with Fresh Mint – all will love! Add lots of mint leaves at the end… not just a garnish but part of the dish. Quinoa for Passover… Why Not? I always have had […]

Homemade Roasted Ketchup with canned plum tomatoes

Karen’s Roasted Tomato Ketchup

How to Make Homemade Ketchup Year-Round: Use Italian Canned Plum Tomatoes! I just couldn’t wait for ripe summer tomatoes ~ so I created this recipe using the best quality canned tomatoes. I love making my own ketchup, not too sweet with savory intense flavors. You can whirl it smooth or leave slightly chunky. The First […]

Simply Roasted Asparagus with Garlic, Almonds & Lemon

How to Simply Roast Spring Asparagus with Garlic, Almonds & Lemon

Spring has finally arrived! Easy roasted asparagus is done in just 10 minutes. Roasting heightens the vegetable’s flavor – and the toppings add a nice crunch and some nutty & zesty flavor! Roast the spears in a 400 degree oven simply with extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper. When almost done – add sliced […]

Hot & Sour Soup - Thai Style

Karen’s Thai-Style Hot & Sour Soup

A Thai twist on the beloved Chinese soup – best made at home with the freshest ingredients! Tips on how to adjust the heat so it’s just right! Totally worth your time… yummy! Gluten Free.  Hot and Sour Soup is a tradionally is a Chinese soup that’s savory, spicy and tangy – its flavor is incredibly […]

Thai Cucumber Salad with Roasted Peanuts

Karen’s Thai Cucumber Salad with Roasted Peanuts

A quick, delightfully crunchy cucumber salad with a Thai twist. Incredibly refreshing and pairs with many Asian main courses and soups.  Dried Thai Chilies are spicy! They have a red to walnut color, smoky and pungent in scent with a quick and biting in flavor. A distinct Thai cuisine “burn.” A quick, delightfully crunchy cucumber salad with a […]

Herbal Olive Tapenade with Preserved Lemons

Herbal Olive Tapenade with Preserved Lemons – And What To Do With It

This delicious Mediterranean Tapenade gets a Flavor-Boost from Lots of Green Herbs and Preserved Lemons. A fabulous Condiment to Savor. Serving Suggestions are endless! Easy to whip up in the food processor in seconds! Tapenade is a classic French appetizer and the very essence of Mediterranean flavors, a savory, earthy olive spread with tangy and herbal flavor. […]

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