In-Home Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

in-home, chef guided cooking classes

with Professional Chef Karen Sheer

Do you need a little assistance in the kitchen and want to take a private cooking class in the comfort if your own home?

All menus are custom designed to suit your tastes, skills, and kitchen equipment.
My classes include tricks, techniques, and tailored-for-you recipes that will be just what you need to make cooking an everyday part of the your life.
All menus are custom designed to suit your tastes, skills, and kitchen equipment.

Types of classes:

          • Private Intensive Individual
          • Group Cooking Lessons
          • Couples Class
          • Birthday Parties
          • Cooking 101 for Newlyweds or Beginners (makes a great gift)

What you will Learn:

          • Basic techniques to make healthy meals at home for you and/or your family.
          • A more seasoned, advanced cook? Let’s cover International Cuisine with spices from around the globe.
          • Learn to cook with confidence with well tested recipes that will become your family’s heirlooms.
          • Cook to impress: Get comfortable with a fabulous fool-proof menu for company. It’s time to entertain!
          • Making your own meals from scratch means that you can always cook with fresh ingredients, resulting in your food being both tastier and more nutritious.
          • Learn the necessary cooking tools every kitchen & cook needs.
          • There’s the obvious benefits of eating healthier – cook for yourself!
          • Become confident – cooking without a recipe
          • How to stock your pantry
          • The best kitchen/cooking essential to invest in…I have answers

Tell me a little about you, what you would like to learn, and when you’d like to schedule your private lesson. Let’s meet in your kitchen!

I believe anyone can cook…and I can prove it. I’ve taught hundreds of people of all ages and skill levels how to cook from the basics to advanced techniques. I know I can teach you, too. Enter the world of culinary magic…right in your own kitchen. Now you, too, can have a personal chef who shares her culinary secrets – so you’ll be cooking like a pro in no time!

Contact Chef Karen Sheer:
[email protected]

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