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Winter Warm-Up: Spinach and Parsnip Soup with a Crispy Crouton Skewer


A velvety soup without dairy products… Parsnips and Yukon Gold Potatoes give the soup it’s creaminess when blended. The trick to it’s glorious color is blending the soup right after the spinach is added.

Ta-da! You’re new Winter Soup Addiction!
A Vegan Soup Filled with healthy flavors and topped with a Garlicky Crouton Skewer
Crispy & Tasty Croutons – Toast in the Oven on a Skewer

An absolutely delicious soup with no dairy or cream. It gets it’s texture from blending half of the prepared soup, made with a little yukon gold potatoes as well. The soup is blended right after the spinach is stirred in – notice the beautiful green color! Simplicity in soup recipes is sometimes best, concentrating on the notes of just a vegetable or two.

How lovely it would be enjoy this home made soup, loaded with antioxidants for a satisfying lunch or dinner! I always have pints of my favorite soups in pint containers in the freezer for a quick meal.

I’m loving these Crispy Garlicky Crouton Skewers!!
I had the idea when thinking of how to garnish the soup…
All you do is add extra virgin olive oil, garlic, oregano and salt to cubes of sourdough bread; mix in and add either Parmigiano Reggiano cheese or Nutritional Yeast (fabulous for vegan) then Skewer the cubes and toast in the oven. Easy!

Coat cubes of sourdough bread with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, oregano and sea salt & either Nutritional Yeast (for Vegan) or Parmesan Cheese.
Crispy Skewered Croutons – adds character and panache to a bowl of soup!
A fabulous winter soup loaded with healthful antioxidants


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