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Garlic Cheesy Toast with Garlic Confit

Garlic Cheesy Toast with Garlic Confit

This Garlic Toast takes garlic bread to a new level! Sourdough Bread gains flavor from the outdoor grill – kissed twice with garlic… Garlic Confit Oil and Softened Garlic Confit Cloves

Use the garlic confit oil to brush the bread, then grill. Top each slice with a softened, creamy garlic clove and spread
To the grilled bread add grated aged gouda, pepper flakes and fresh herbs and broil until just bubbly

A little soft on the inside, crispy around the edges…not quite a “toast” ~ just the most DELICIOUS garlic bread/toast you ever had! And, quite simple to prepare.

Garlic Cheesy Toast with Garlic Confit


1 recipe Karen’s Garlic Confit, (see recipe) will use oil and softened garlic cloves

1 ½ tablespoons Garlic Confit Oil

6 large Garlic Confit Cloves, (softened garlic)

6 slices fresh sourdough bread*, cut thick, ¾″

6 tablespoons aged gouda cheese**, coarsely grated

⅛ teaspoon red pepper flakes, (adds a little heat)

1 teaspoon fresh herbs, (Oregano and Marjoram) cleaned and chopped



Make Garlic Confit.


Place the large bread slices (around 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″) on a rimmed baking sheet to hold.


Light a grill to high heat.
Take out 1 1/2 tablespoons of garlic confit oil, place in a small bowl, brush all over one side of the bread slices.


When grill is very hot, add bread to grill – oiled side down.
Grill until strong grill marks form, around 5 minutes.
Check often, lifting the bread slightly to check color.
Let it get dark and well golden, but not burnt… a touch burnt is ok!


Remove to the baking sheet, oiled side up.
Preheat broiler – set rack 4″ from heat source.
Put a softened, confit garlic clove on top of each slice. Spread with a fork or knife.
Top with cheese evenly, 1 T. of cheese on each – scatter the red pepper flakes and fresh cut herbs on each.


Broil until the cheese just melts and starts to get bubbly.
Remove and serve immediately.


Can reheat, best if made the same day.
(You can oil and grill the bread, and do the remaining steps just before you serve.)


*Sourdough Bread: I love it for it’s health benefits, tangy flavor and crispy crust. Real sourdough bread, which is slow-fermented bread may be easier to digest.


** Aged Gouda Cheese is incredibly buttery and has little sugar crystals in it… firm yet very creamy. It’s sharp and sweet with butterscotch undertones. Can substitute Parmigiano Reggiano if you like, or a firm aged cheese.

See BLOG for more photos and information.

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