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Mediterranean Vegetable Soup – packed with healthful goodness


Here is how I make a wonderful, hearty and healthy Vegetable Soup with Mediterranean ingredients.
This is a guide… use the ingredients you have or prefer to your taste. Easily made gluten-free.

Bursting with Mediterranean Flavors
Basil, Kale & Chive Pistou ~ great with our without parmesan cheese

Like Oprah loves bread… I LOVE SOUP!!
(I see she loves soup too these days – with natural flavors, stabilizers and questionable gmo’s in her new products… this is why I make my own food, as I do not care to consume these ingredients.

Good homemade soup does not need artificial ingredients, excess sodium, sugar and especially “natural flavor” which is a chemical added to boost a specific flavor.

What’s more wonderful and nutritious than a homemade soup on a crisp Fall or Winter’s day?

I’m always making big batches, and freezing in two cup containers for another day.
What a gift to find a soup creation in the freezer!… lunch is only minutes away.

I’ve created this soup for you to use as a guide. Choose the six cups of vegetables you like.
I used: Cremini Mushrooms, Romano Green Beans, Red Peppers, Zucchini, Multi Colored Carrots and Celery.
Including these plant foods that are high in vitamins, minerals, energy, antioxidants, and fiber promotes optimal health and weight control.

Grains add fiber, naturally thicken the soup and add necessary calories to fill you up.
Grain/ Pulses I used: Quinoa and Red Lentils.

Check the sodium level of your vegetable broth, you might not need to add any extra in the soup, or make your own salt-free version.

See recipe for my list of other Vegetables and Grains from the Mediterranean Region.

What’s so healthy about the Mediterranean Diet?
The Mediterranean Diet Plan celebrates the fresh, colorful produce from a region that boasts an lengthy life expectancy.
The diet plan consists mostly of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, pasta, rice and olive oil, with a moderate amount of cheese, wine, yogurt, nuts, fish, eggs, poultry and pulses, and meat thrown in.

The traditional Mediterranean way of eating is also incredibly good for us. Plentiful evidence links it to health and longevity.
There are certain foods common to the countries that hug the Mediterranean Sea that scientists have identified as brimming with nutrients.

Fiber is essential for healthy digestion. Adding more fiber is particularly important most of us are eating half as much as we should be. Vegetable Soups are an excellent way to get in our daily requirements of veggies. Researchers are suggesting to eat 9 – 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Olive oil is the main source of dietary fat used in Mediterranean cooking – praised for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Enjoy this special soup – delicious everyday!

Vegetables and Herbs in the soup
To the vegetables in the pot, add chopped tomatoes and grains – I used Quinoa and Red Lentils
Healthful goodness – it’s in there!
Top the soup with extra fresh herbs, then the Pistou
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    • 30 Nov 2017

    Hi Karen, sounds scrumptious as always!!! Healthy and comforting.

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