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How to Roast Whole Garlic Heads in Olive Oil and How to Use It


Mellow yet with deep concentration – oven roasted garlic cloves enhances the flavor of everything!

Ready to pop in the oven to roast – simply cover with heavy foil
As a Topping: Mashed Roasted Garlic with Cherry Bomb Peppers top Salmon ~ surrounded by the Olive Oil the garlic cooked in with a Reduced Balsamic Garnish

Recipes: How to Roast Whole Garlic Heads in Olive Oil
Mashed Roasted Garlic Cloves with Cherry Bomb
Peppers and Herbs
Topping of Roasted Garlic Cloves with Olive Oil –
Balsamic Reduction ~ Topping for Fish

I’ve got an amazing garlic stash! Just back from The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival where 100 growers sell their late summer harvest. At the second largest garlic festival in the country ~ dozens varieties of garlic was for sale, many varieties you will not find anywhere else. My favorite culinary fair hands down. Daren Carroll of Grá den Talún Farm sells 120 varieties of unusual heirloom varieties. I’m trying out his Red Rezen, Burgundy and Chinese Pink varieties!

Preparation is easy! Simply cut off the top 1/3 inch of each garlic head to expose the garlic, place in a baking pan, pour in some olive oil and aromatics (I used peppercorns, thyme & oregano branches and cored cherry bomb peppers.) Cover with foil, bake 45 minutes until tender and caramelized.

To use: Simply squeeze out the softened garlic from the papery skins and mash ~ will be a nice velvety consistency. Add some strained olive oil from the bottom of the pan, and a pinch of salt & pepper.
I chopped the cherry bomb peppers and added to the garlic.
Cherry Bomb Peppers sound spicy, right?… yet they are mild, similar to heat of jalapeño peppers.
Strain the olive oil from the bottom of the pan and keep refrigerated. Add to the softened cloves – or use the fragrant oil in cooking and salad dressings.

No sharp bite with Roasted Garlic ~ just soft golden cloves with a mellow aromatic flavor. The cloves will just fall out of their papery skins… just give a little squeeze. Has a nice thick and creamy consistency, and buttery-mouthfeel – yet no fat.
Perfect for schmearing on everything!

So Versatile! Mashed Roasted Garlic Cloves can be added to so many dishes ~ see below “Uses.” The Olive Oil from the roasted garlic can be drizzled on anything… makes a great Dipping Sauce for Bread!

A few Nutritional Benefits to mention:
The sulfur compounds in garlic act as antioxidants and also promote the formation of another antioxidant called glutathione, which is produced by the body.
Consumption of roasted garlic may offer some protection against cancer. Aside from the antioxidants present in garlic, the sulfur compounds it contains also act directly on carcinogens and toxins, helping the body remove them before they can cause damage.
Boosts the Immune System – I always add garlic to my Chicken Soup!
Studies have shown garlic to Lower Bad Cholesterol Levels, Improve Brain Function, Reduce Blood Pressure and Boost the Immune System.

Large “Spanish Roja” Garlic cloves from the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival. Fresh Cherry Bomb Peppers and Thyme & Oregano Branches
Out of the oven, beautifully roasted – now softened cloves! Add Cherry Bomb Peppers alongside of the garlic (or choose your favorite pepper or chile.)
I mashed one head of softened cloves with 1 tablespoon of olive oil: cream together
Add one chopped cherry bomb pepper for great additional flavor and a pinch of salt & pepperuse as a topping or dip

Me at my favorite Culinary Day ~ The Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

So Many Uses!
Add softened cloves TO:
Any sauce to thicken and flavor
Mayonnaise for a sandwich topper
Roasted Warm Vegetables
Chicken Soup (it’s awesome!)
A dip for bread; add olive oil and aromatics like fresh cracked pepper, hot chile flakes and herbs.
A baked potato
Mashed Potatoes – perfect for Thanksgiving!
Topping for homemade pizza
Gravy – lends great flavor and no fat
Hummus and other healthy dips

Hope you got inspired!

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