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Summertime Panzanella Tomato Salad – you should be eating this right now!


Ripe Heirloom Tomatoes team with Garlicky Toasted Bread and Plenty of Basil Leaves.
Top with my Zesty “Shaken” Italian Dressing and scatter some thinly sliced Red Onions and cubes of Cucumber.

A Favorite Summer Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes and Ciabatta Bread

No two Panzanella Salads are the same!

I have made two Panzanellas!

One with “Candyland” Miniature Tomatoes with Gluten Free Bread…

And One with Red Zebra, Strawberry Cherry and Green Tiger Tomatoes with Ciabatta Bread.

Heirloom Tomatoes I Love: Red Zebra, Strawberry Cherry and Green Tiger
Here I have added a bit of just-made Fresh Mozzarella.

And now, in early August these flavorful and colorful varieties are at their havesting peak. I am so happy…

This IS the salad to serve right now.
Fabulous heirloom tomatoes, with all their colors, textures and homegrown flavor are tossed together with garlicky, crispy bread – which is still chewy inside are coated with a zesty “shaken Italian vinaigrette” which rehydrates the bread, softens and flavors it.

Serve as the ultimate side dish – starter – or add some grilled proteins for a Summertime main dish.

Visit a Farmer’s Market and see the number crop of Heirloom Tomatoes!
Here in the North East they are available usually until early October.

An Heirloom Tomato is an open-pollinated variety that has been passed down at least 50 years through several generations in a family, ethnic, religious, or tribal group, or was commercially introduced before 1940.
Praised for their “old fashioned tomato taste.”

There are more than 3,000 varieties of heirloom or heritage tomatoes in active cultivation worldwide and more than 15,000 known varieties.

These miniature tomatoes – “Candyland” (aren’t they cute?) variety are only about 1/2″ – so I combined them with the same sized bread squares, which are toasted in the oven with garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

This one uses toasted garlicky Gluten Free Bread ~
all can enjoy this delicious salad
The perfect Summer Salad and Side-Dish.
I served some for dinner with Sliced Grilled Chicken with Pesto.
Love cheese? Dot with shavings of your favorite aged cheese or creamy goat or feta cheeses
These fabulous Candyland Tomatoes are just 1/2 inch wide
Try this recipe for a Gluten Free Panzanella.
I cut the bread in cubes the same size as the tomatoes.
Savor this! Source out different varieties of Heirloom Tomatoes – and choose a bread with very chewy texture – like Ciabatta
Delicious flavors of Summer

Enjoy Tomato Season!

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