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Spicy roasted wild mushrooms basted with chili oil. Served over pasta and a pine nut pesto cream sauce - VEGAN!

Roasted Wild Mushrooms with Chili Oil & Vegan Pesto Cream Sauce over Pasta

Wonderful Meaty Roasted Mushrooms Team with a Vegan Pine Nut-Pesto Creamy Sauce Layered over Pasta

A restaurant quality Vegan Meal!
A delightful mix of wild mushrooms, each with it’s own texture and flavor. Top left to bottom right: Maitake, King Trumpet, Cremini, Golden Oyster and Shiitake Mushrooms

A well- rounded Vegan dish ~ choose your favorite pasta! I’m using a Greek tubular pasta; you can use a whole wheat variety – or a chickpea, rice or lentil one for gluten free.

Recipe Overview:
Have Chili Oil ready. Soak the Pine Nuts for the sauce. Roast Mushrooms in the oven, brushed with Chili Oil. Make the blender Pine Nut Basil Sauce. Cook Pasta.  

Some Mushrooms might look unusual, but they have an array of complex, earthy flavors — and they pack a powerful health-supporting punch. Some have a meaty, umami, slightly smoky flavor, some more aromatic and delicate. They are are high in protein and vitamin B12.

Spicy roasted wild mushrooms basted with chili oil. Served over pasta and a pine nut pesto cream sauce - VEGAN!


2 tablespoons home made chili oil
(see recipe; make ahead)

8 ounces mixed wild mushrooms*:
Shiitake, King Trumpet, Maitake and
Golden Oyster Mushrooms

8 ounces cremini mushrooms

¼ cup pine nuts
(soaked in filtered water)

½ teaspoon lemon zest

6 tablespoons filtered water

3 tablespoons nutritional yeast

3 tablespoon basil pesto

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

12 ounces pasta
(or gluten free pasta)

2 tablespoons fresh basil leaves



Soak the pine nuts  – add them into a bowl with hot water to cover by 2 inches. Set aside to soften at least 45 minutes (up to 4 hours.)

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Trim the wild and cremini mushrooms and cut away any ends and long stems.

Cut them into similar sizes.
Shiitakes I left whole, King Trumpets I cut in half, Maitake & Golden Oysters I cut into 1  1/2 inch pieces and Cremini I halved.
Using a damp paper towel, wipe of any dirt.


Line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

Lay out the mushrooms so they are not touching and brush with 2 tablespoons of Chili Oil, using a pastry brush.
Sprinkle the tops with sea salt taste.


Roast until the mushrooms are nicely browned and crispy around the edges  – approximately 15  minutes (this depends on the size of the mushrooms.) You will notice they will shrink some. Set aside.


Make the Pine Nut Pesto Vegan Cream Sauce:
Drain soaked pine nuts and add them into a blender with 1/2 teaspoon lemon rind, 6 tablespoons of filtered water and 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt.

Blend from low to high speed, and whirl for 1 minute until smooth; scrape down and whirl for another minute until very smooth.


Add the nutritional yeast, pesto and olive oil – whirl until smooth.
Scrape into a bowl to hold. Set aside.


Assemble the dish:
Cook the pasta and drain – reserving 2 tablespoons of pasta water.
Add pasta to a skillet with the water and Pine Nut Pesto Sauce.
Heat over low heat to warm through.
Add mushrooms and toss altogether.
Alternately, you can heat the mushrooms until warmed through and place on top of the pasta and sauce. 


Garnish liberally with fresh basil leaves.
Serve in a large bowl, or individual bowls.

*Wild mushrooms are available in multi-packs. I found mine at Whole Foods.

See blog post for many more photos and information.

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