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Parve Ultimate Chocolate Dipped Coconut Honey Macaroons on a marble board

Pareve Ultimate Chocolate Dipped Coconut Honey Macaroons

My favorite Macaroon with a crispy exterior with a chewy and tender interior.
The honey gives them a little more golden color while baking.

I like to dip into bittersweet Belgium chocolate

A beloved dessert at Passover ~ also for anytime… A fabulous year-round Gluten Free Cookie.

Parve Ultimate Chocolate Dipped Coconut Honey Macaroons on a marble board


4 large egg whites

1 cup pure cane sugar

6 tablespoons raw honey 

¼ teaspoon sea salt

2 teaspoons vanilla bean gel, or 1 t. vanilla

2 ½ cups unsweetened shredded coconut

4 teaspoons tapioca flour or potato starch

½ cup dried fruits, apricots, cherries and pineapple, chopped fine

½ cup dark chocolate, melted and cooled slightly



Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking pan with a silpat liner or parchment paper, spray or brush with oil.


Place egg whites in a small bowl, whisk for 20 seconds to froth them. Add them to a large skillet ( I used my cast iron one, cleaned) with the next 5 ingredients – sugar, honey, sea salt, vanilla bean gel (or vanilla) and coconut. Place over medium – high heat and WHISK constantly until it starts to thicken, and just STARTS to color (caramelize).
This will take just a few minutes. Add the potato starch, whisk in well. Remove from the heat. Let cool about 5 minutes, or until a little cool to the touch.


Spray or brush a 1″ ice cream scoop with oil. Create mounds on the prepared baking sheet. (Can also drop mounds with a spoon.)


Bake in oven just 8 – 10 minutes or until just golden brown around the edges and on top. Cool on a wire rack.
Dip the coconut variety in the slightly cooled melted chocolate, swirling the bottoms to coat. Place these on a wax paper lined baking sheet and refrigerate just until set. Remove from the refrigerator and serve.


Two Varieties: Chocolate Dipped and Dried Apricot & Cherry Pyramids.

You can freeze these macaroons for another day, wrapped in waxed paper in an airtight container… yet I doubt there will be any leftover! They will stay fresh in an airtight container on your counter for at least a week.

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