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Fingerling Potatoes and Crispy Kale in Foil Packets

The ultimate grilled potato side dish. Perfectly seasoned with caramelized shallots and garlic… and kale that comes out crispy!

Fold packets and grill when ready. Can make ahead!
Fold packets and grill when ready. Can make ahead!

Perfectly seasoned with caramelized shallots and garlic... and kale that comes out crispy!


1 pound fingerling potatoes, organic if available

3 large leaves curly red kale, organic, cleaned, stemmed – torn into 2″ pieces

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, or neutral oil*

½ teaspoon flaky salt

¼ teaspoon cracked black pepper

½ teaspoon smoked paprika, optional

1 medium shallot, peeled ⅓” round slices

3 medium fresh garlic cloves, peeled, sliced ¼” thick

2 teaspoons lemon rind, grated zest from 1 medium lemon

balsamic glaze**



Steam, Toss, Fold, Grill!


Preheat the grill to the high.
Scrub potatoes and steam in a basket with boiling water beneath, covered, for about 8 minutes (depending on size.) I have used 2 1/2″ lengths.
The potatoes should be mostly cooked through  – give them a pinch, but still firm.
Remove from basket and place in the sink in a colander, run cold water over until cooled a bit.


Slice them in half lengthwise. Cut two sheets of heavy foil – 18″ x 16″ – place on a work surface. Add all cut potatoes evenly to foil sheets.
Add the rest of the ingredients over the potatoes on the 2 sheets:
kale, olive oil, salt, pepper, smoked paprika (if using), shallots, garlic and lemon rind.
With you hands blend all ingredients, coating all well.


Fold up packet to enclose all well into a 8″ x 10″ flat packet. At this point you can set aside, or refrigerate and grill later.
Cook on the grill until golden and crusty on the bottom of the foil – Yes, quickly open a packet to check.
Re-crimp, and turn over and cook on the second size until golden and crusty.
Unfold the foil and serve immediately. Taste for salt.


Drizzle with Balsamic Glaze** if desired.
Optional addition:
2 slices of crisp bacon, or turkey bacon, crumbled.


**Balsamic Glaze:
In a small skillet, add 3T. balsamic vinegar, 2 t. coconut palm sugar (or brown sugar) and 3/4 t. minced garlic. Simmer over moderate heat until reduces by half to a glaze.
Drizzle over the cooked potatoes.


For a Smokey Flavor – Soak 3/4 cup wood chips in water for 1 hour, Drain, make a foil packet with chips inside, fold into a 4″ x 8″ rectangle. Puncture with holes. Place on hot coals or briquettes underneath the grates of the grill. Close the grill . Will start to smoke and add essence in 15 minutes.

* with concerns about gmo’s and processing of oils, use a vegetable oil which has not been chemically treated, this is called “expeller pressed”.

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    • Lisa Libman
    • 25 Jan 2016

    Hi Karen, always LOVE your recipes. Have fallen off the face of the earth for a while but am back. Can this recipe be adapted for indoors and if so what temp would you bake the foil potato packets on? Also what if I used Yukon Gold any special size to cut them up? Would you make any other changes? Strikes me as great comfort food for the winter also. Love your new forMat and website. Beautiful photography. Do you photograph your food also? Thanks Karen!!

    1. Reply

      Yes, this recipe would work beautifully in a hot oven. I would preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Cut the yukon gold potatoes in large chunks, about 1 1/2″. Steam as directed and proceed with the recipe, placing the “packet’ on a rimmed sheet pan. Photography is mine! I try to capture images in natural light next to my kitchen. Best to you, Karen

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