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Creamy Layered Purple & Ivory Mashed Potatoes (Perfect for Thanksgiving)

Creamy Layered Purple & Ivory Mashed Potatoes (Perfect for Thanksgiving)

How amazing are these potatoes? They can be made days ahead and reheated.

Roast Turkey with Marsala Gravy, Sautéed Asparagus with Cranberries and Almonds and Layered Purple & Ivory Mashed Potatoes

What I love about this recipe – besides it’s gorgeous presentation is they are not heavy, but light and creamy. But no cream in the recipe. Just the right amount of milk & butter… but not too much. Garlic adds depth and flavor – an awesome recipe for special occasions.

Creamy Layered Purple & Ivory Mashed Potatoes (Perfect for Thanksgiving)


2 ½ pounds Yukon Gold Potatoes

2 ½ pounds Purple Potatoes (Peruvian)

2 tablespoons roasted garlic cloves*, mashed with the side of a knife- divided

1 teaspoon fresh garlic, peeled and finely grated – divided

6 tablespoons whole milk, warmed – divided

6 tablespoons room temperature unsalted butter (can also gently melt the butter)

1 teaspoon sea salt, divided



Method Overview:
Make Yukon Gold and Peruvian Purple Mashed Potatoes – in separate batches.
Layer both types of cooled mashed potatoes in 6 even layers – I used an eight cup round ceramic soufflé dish.
Can make up to three days in advance – a Thanksgiving lifesaver!
When serving – the beautiful layers will be revealed.


In separate 4 quart pans, add the peeled and cut Yukons in one, Peruvians in another.
Cover each with water, just to cover, and place lids on top.
Bring to a boil, immediately reduce heat to a low simmer and cook until the potatoes are cooked through and very tender.
Drain the Yukons – add back to their pan. Drain the Peruvians – add back to their pan.
Heat both over low heat, stirring to remove extra water moisture for 2 minutes.


Over a large bowl, use a potato ricer – rice the Yukon potatoes (white still warm) in batches into the bowl. There will be no lumps with a ricer!
Repeat with the Peruvians.


To EACH bowl of potatoes add: 1 T. mashed roasted garlic, 1/2 t. grated garlic, 3 T. warmed milk, 3 T. room temperature butter and 1/2 t. sea salt.
Using a rubber spatula, gently mix in all ingredients in each bowl until well blended, do not over mix. Let cool a bit – easier to layer.Add a few grates of black pepper to the Peruvian batch if desired.


Butter a 8 cup capacity baking dish (I’ve used a round ceramic soufflé dish.)
Take out 1/3 of the yukon potatoes and add to the baking dish – smooth it evenly.
Continue layering with the Peruvian potatoes – 6 layers in all.


Make a decorative top – make a 1/2 inch indentations in a swirl pattern for a pretty finish.


To reheat: Bring to room temperature (if refrigerated.)
Cover with foil and bake in a 350 degree oven until warmed through, about 30 minutes.


Microwave reheating: If using a non metal baking dish – cover with waxed paper and heat at 50 % power until heated through.


Creamy Layered Purple & Ivory Mashed Potatoes can be refrigerated for up to three days before serving – cover well with plastic wrap.


*Roasting Garlic: Can make up to one week ahead. Use 2 Tablespoons for this recipe, which is about 1/2 of a large head of garlic. Use extra for many recipes.
1 large head fresh garlic
1/2 t. teaspoons extra virgin olive oil
pinch sea salt


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Cut the top off the head of garlic, about 1/3 inch, to expose the cloves of garlic.
Place the garlic in a baking dish to fit. Drizzle oil over, sprinkle with salt.
Cover tightly with heavy foil. Bake for 30 – 40 minutes, until softened.
Cool slightly, and squeeze the garlic from it’s papery exterior into a small bowl.
The softened whole garlic is now ready to use in recipes. To hold it in the refrigerator, drizzle some olive oil over it and store in a tightly covered container.

See BLOG for many photos of this recipe, and more information. (Thanksgiving recipes too!)

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