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Blueberry Linzer Bars


Spring Blueberries are fresh in markets and delicious. An easy “press-in” dough recipe! Learn how to make home made Blueberry Jam for the bars as well.

Just a great combination of complimentary ingredients – ground nuts, cinnamon, sweet jam… confectioner’s sugar and oats for texture.

If you are looking for an easy bar recipe – try this one. They are great “keepers” and add a little sweetness to your every day routine.

Im a big blueberry fan, so when they became abundent at the market this week, I decided to make a batch of jam! It is still dissapointing to see most of jam & jelly manufacturers use high fructose corn syrup. Another reason I take to time to make my own. Nothing tastes as good as home made.

The Linzer Torte is named after the city Linz, Austria. Traditionally a round torte, and said to be one of the oldest cakes. Germans have their “linzer-sables”, a cookie-sized version.

The ingredients classically work in harmony together, and that is why many delicious desserts bare this name. My recipe is more of a dry shortbread – an especially easy version “pressing-in” the dough. I have taken the liberty to use blueberry jam, otherwise, Europeans have used red currant jam. Hazelnuts in the dough are typical, I have substituted pecans and almonds – I prefer their flavor.

North American blueberries are available from April through October. The peak season for fresh blueberries is from mid-June to mid-August, with the earliest harvest in the southern states and the latest harvest in the northern states.

I am looking forward to North-East local blueberries!



Karen’s Blueberry Jam
Some ingredients
Press down some dough, smooth over with jam
Out of the oven and ready to cut into bars
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