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Baked Applesauce Donuts with Brown Butter Caramel Maple Glaze


A super-satisfying treat you bake in donut tins. Decadent Glaze or Cinnamon-Sugar…your choice!

Glazed and Cinnamon Sugar dipped
Cinnamon Sugar dipped

Winter blues seems to fade away after a few bites of these healthier donuts.
Baked and coated in cinnamon and sugar, or a decadent brown butter caramel maple glaze are a lighter and equally delicious version of donuts without the frying.

~ A little pick-me-up sweet pleases the senses without the heavy oily flavor. A bit less guilt -inducing too!

I do make my own applesauce for the donuts – cooks in about 10 minutes, has no preservatives and a clean, not too sweet taste. The recipe is similar to a muffin or cake recipe. Dry ingredients are stirred to combine, wet ingredients are folded in and smoothed into the donut tins.
I add a good amount of warm spices; cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg in the batter – ah, the sweet scent wafting through the kitchen as they bake!

They bake in 20 minutes or so – then get coated with a Cinnamon-Sugar Topping or a this fabulous glaze… which is so worth making simply in one little skillet.

Enjoy this home baked treat… really fun to take along to a party!

Donuts dipped in Cinnamon Sugar and a Brown Butter Caramel Maple Glaze – both recipes given.
Combine dry ingredients in a bowl, add wet ingredients and stir to combine… it’s that easy!
Smooth donut batter into the tins and bake
Light and springy and not too sweet – wonderful baked donuts
Brown Butter Caramel Maple Glaze whisked in a small skillet
Baked donuts dipped in Cinnamon Sugar and a Brown Butter Caramel Maple Glaze
    • Benedict Angus
    • 11 Mar 2018


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