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Lemony Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing

Lemony Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing with Many Uses

A zesty and healthy dressing you whisk and refrigerate. Drizzle on lettuces, composed salads and serve on the side of roasted vegetables or fish.

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Lemony Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dressing


¼ cup fresh lemon juice*

2 teaspoons fresh garlic, peeled, finely grated or minced

1 tablespoon onion, peeled, finely grated or minced

1 ½ teaspoons dijon mustard, (no “natural flavors”)

½ teaspoon himalayan pink salt, or sea salt, adjust to your taste if necessary

6 cranks freshly ground pepper

½ teaspoon italian seasoning, crushed with you fingers

½ teaspoon pure cane sugar

2 teaspoons red wine vinegar

½ cup extra virgin olive oil**, plus 2 tablespoons



Add first 9 ingredients in a 3 cup bowl (lemon juice through red wine vinegar.)
Whisk with a balloon whisk and set aside 15 minutes to macerate ingredients.
Add 1/2 cup plus 2 T. extra virgin olive oil in a measuring cup.


To finish dressing:
Add the olive oil in a thin stream slowly while whisking – add about 1/3 of the contents.
Add the remaining olive oil, streaming a little quicker, while whisking until emulsified.


Store dressing in a sterile glass container in the refrigerator.
Let stand for 24 hours before using.
The dressing will thicken – properties in the extra virgin olive oil.  Extra-virgin olive oil is comprised of mostly monounsaturated fats which solidify when cold.


To use:
Take out of the refrigerator a few minutes before using – it will warm up and flow nicely.


* I used one large, juicy lemon (should yield 1/4 cup of juice.)
** Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Good everyday choices; Lucini and California Olive Ranch – fruity, grassy and herbal notes.

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