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Charred Sugar Snap Peas on the Grill with Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce

Charred Sugar Snap Peas on the Grill with Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce

Tender crisp with a smoky essence ~ these peas are finished with a zesty and spicy nutty sauce… time to heat up the grill!

The ultimate side dish!
Ready to dig in – charred sugar snap peas are garnished with a flavorful Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce, Toasted Hazelnuts and Purple Radish Sprouts

An AMAZINGLY Delicious Side Dish!! Add proteins and noodles you like for a complete meal.

Charred Sugar Snap Peas on the Grill with Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce


3 tablespoons hazelnut butter (see recipe for an easy homemade version)

1 tablespoon fresh ginger, peeled and grated

2 teaspoons fresh garlic, peeled and grated

1 tablespoon rice vinegar

2 tablespoons tamari sauce (I’ve used gluten free)

2 teaspoons coconut palm sugar

⅛ teaspoon hot chili flakes (more if you like spicier)

1 teaspoon hazelnut oil (can use sesame oil )

1 teaspoon sesame oil

1 pound fresh sugar snap peas

1 tablespoon sesame seeds, toasted for garnish

⅓ cup toasted unsalted hazelnuts, coarsely chopped for garnish



Make the Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce:

Make the homemade hazelnut butter if using (recipe below)


To a 4 cup food processor add the first nine ingredients (hazelnut butter through sesame oil.) Pulse to combine, then run the machine for one minute until the sauce is smooth.
Remove to a bowl to fit with a rubber spatula.


Grill the Sugar Snap Peas:

Heat a grill to medium-high heat.

Wash and dry the peas. String them using a small knife on both sides of the peas.
Add them to a vegetable grill basket (mine is 12″ wide.)
Add 1 teaspoon of neutral oil in the palm of one hand – rub the oil into the peas to coat them. Sprinkle with sea salt, toss.


When the grill is 400 – 450 degrees, add the basket to the grill and close the top.
Let char, then open the grill and toss the peas with a wooden spoon, close the grill.

Check the peas once more, toss them again and close the grill, checking after a few minutes to make sure they are evenly charred.


HINT: Total cooking time depends on the heat of your grill. On average, cooking time will be 5 minutes, so they are charred but tender crisp inside.


Remove peas from the grill and place onto a serving platter.
Top with Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce spooning in large drizzles.
Garnish with sesame seeds, chopped hazelnuts and radish sprouts.


The dish is best sauced and garnished just before serving.


Homemade Hazelnut Butter:

Place 6 tablespoons of unsalted, roasted hazelnuts in a spice grinder.
Pulse to break up into a paste. Add 1 teaspoon of neutral oil and process until a smooth nut butter, one minute.

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