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Charred Sugar Snap Peas on the Grill with Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce


Tender crisp with a smokey essence ~ these peas are finished with a zesty and spicy nutty sauce… time to heat up the grill!

The Ultimate Spring & Summer side-dish! Charred Sugar Snaps with a Creamy Sauce, Chopped Hazelnuts, Radish Sprouts and Sesame Seeds
The Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce does wonders for Grilled Chicken and Rice Noodles ~ pour it on!
A great dish to serve for company – loaded with layers of flavor

Finally fabulous weather in Connecticut! The rain has subsided and sunny skies and greener grass are abound.
Time to uncover the grill and get cooking outdoors!

Cooking vegetables are a breeze in a grill basket. I have a large one spanning about 12″ inches wide so the veggies can get tossed without falling through the grates – and all chars nicely.

My Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce is a game changer! Whirl away in your food processor (I use a 4 cup capacity one) and make extra to top … well everything!

Hazelnuts have a great nutrient profile. They are rich in unsaturated fats (mostly oleic acid), high in magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and E.
Sure you could substitute peanuts/peanut butter in this recipe – yet hazelnuts add a nice sweet, buttery flavor with great crunch.

I made my own “Hazelnut Butter” which was quite easy using my spice mill. The blades are super sharp and is a great tool for small quantities. Yes – you can buy some instead – but I had a pound bag of hazelnuts!

To prepare: Coat the strung sugar snaps with a scant teaspoon of oil, sprinkle with sea salt and grill in the veggie basket over a hot 400 – 450 degree flame in your grill. Cooks in about 5 minutes. Open the grill three times and toss… to assure all the peas have charred evenly.

Plate the sugar snaps and top with: a drizzle of Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce, Chopped Hazelnuts, Purple Radish Sprouts and Sesame Seeds.

Crisp, Fat Sugar Snap Peas
Add to a Grill Basket with a little Oil and a sprinkle of Sea Salt
Homemade Hazelnut Butter is easy to make! (See recipe)
Hazelnut-Sesame Sauce whirled in a small food processor
An AMAZINGLY Delicious Side Dish!! Add proteins and noodles you like for a complete meal.


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