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Karen's Gluten Free Pastry Crust for Pie

Karen’s Gluten Free Pastry Crust for Pie

I like my crust golden, flakey, buttery and sweet! This recipe makes two 6 inch smaller pies. Double the recipe for a 9 inch regular sized pie.

Karen’s Gluten Free Buttery & Flaky Pie Crust

With a few hints – this Gluten Free Crust will rival ANY with regular flour. A light, crispy crust is achieved by starting with cold butter – and working quickly; not overworking the dough. Because of the lack of gluten – handling of the dough is done in a gentle manner.

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    • Penny Wolf
    • 7 Jul 2023

    I used your crust recipe for a pecan pie with wonderful results. I mixed the dough ahead of time and froze it for several days. I thawed it on the counter the morning I wanted to use it. I found it rolled out well but had some trouble transferring it to my pie pan. I ended up placing the dough in the pan with pieces and pinching them together. Filled the shell and baked as usual. The pie was great! The crust baked up beautifully flaky and sandy and a toasty brown but not too brown. Thumbs up from a party of 6! Thank you

    1. Reply

      Hi Penny – Well, this is fabulous news! Happy the gluten free crust was flaky & delicious!
      I would suggest after being frozen to add a thin layer of GF flour on you work surface when rolling, a pinch on the
      rolling pin too, but not too much – could toughen the dough. So happy you let me know.

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