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Fabulous Black Raspberry Pie!


Summer Black Raspberries lie under a buttery & flaky lattice crust. Perfection with every bite.

What a beautiful and natural purple hue!
These are Black Raspberries! I’ve added a handful of Red Raspberries in the pie for contrast.
Berries from Newgate Farms, East Granby CT

Ahh – Pie! Handmade from scratch with the finest ingredients ~ is there anything more scrumptious?

Making a pie is an art. It requires careful attention to the crust and the filling.
In Summer – there are so many delicious ripe fruits just begging to be tossed together in a pie!

I LOVE PIE! Made from scratch with love…

Black Raspberries are not blackberries! They are just raspberries that happen to be black (or dark purple.)

The season for finding them is NOW! They are usually in season for just a few weeks starting in July. Find them at farm stands and farmers’ markets.
I have added a handful of raspberries in the mix for a contrast of color.
Yes – you can use a multitude of fruits for this pie. If you can not find Black Raspberries – use Red Raspberries, or the fruit of you choice.

A good start to a delicious pie is a flaky, buttery dough. Try not to over-mix it because you do not want to end up with a tough dough. Make by hand for control – not a food processor. I’ll walk you through it!

I like a crust with tons of flavor… not bland! My crust is buttery and flaky and contains an egg yolk, unsalted organic butter and the right balance of sugar. I’ve used a gluten free flour blend – yet you can use all purpose flour if you like.

Did I mention this pie is Gluten Free??
Really: It tastes like the perfect crust! Because of the lack of gluten – handling of the dough is done in a gentle manner.
See the recipe for Gluten Free and Typical versions!

Black Raspberries have been called the “king of berries” for their superior health benefits. Rich in anthocyanins and antioxidants – from their natural dark hue.
Sweeter and smaller than their red cousins, they have an intensified the dark berry flavor.
A best known Black Raspberry product is Chambord, the French Liqueur.
These berries also make delicious addition to muffins and makes a wonderful syrup.

Add frozen butter in tablespoons to the flour mixture; cut in with a pastry blender. Next add cold water and egg yolk; bring together in a ball
The ball of pastry dough brought together quickly with your hands
The rolled dough with veins of butter – that’s how you achieve a flaky crust!
The berry filling
The raspberries are spooned into the bottom pie crust
The remaining pie dough is cut into strips and form a lattice top
YUM! The finished pie ~ I made 2, 6″ pies
Double the recipe for a 9″ pie
A crispy crust with a lightly sweetened berry filling ~ just the right balance

Let them eat pie!

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