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Karen's Beet Cured Gravlax on a Potato Latke

Karen’s Beet Cured Gravlax

Gravlax is quite simple to prepare – brined with Vodka, Citrus Juices, Grated Beets, Dill, Sugar, Salt and Pepper. Weighted down, the gravlax is ready in two days – slice when ready to enjoy. 

Wonderful served over a warm Potato Latke with a dollop of sour cream or crème fraîche- a slice of Gravlax on top
Slice the salmon – the top of the filet will be beautifully ruby tinted from the beets, orange flesh below
A sophisticated topping for the Potato Latke


Karen's Beet Cured Gravlax on a Potato Latke


¾ pound salmon filet*, skin on, any pin bones removed

1 ½ tablespoon vodka

1 ½ tablespoon citrus juice, (I used clementine juice)

½ teaspoon citrus rind, grated fine

1 ½ tablespoons salt

1 ½ tablespoons natural cane sugar

¾ teaspoon fresh cracked black pepper

¼ cup fresh dill, cleaned and coarsely chopped

2 tablespoons red beets, peeled and coarsely grated



Cut salmon filet in half lengthwise. Place one half of salmon, skin side down, on a large sheet of plastic wrap.
Put into a heavy dish than can withstand weight. Sprinkle it with the vodka and citrus juices.


Mix together the citrus rind, salt, sugar and pepper, then sprinkle onto the flesh side of the salmon.
Add the beets and dill, rub in.


Cover the flesh side of the salmon with this mixture, making sure to coat it completely. Top with the other half of salmon, skin side up.
Bring up the plastic wrap to enclose. Add extra wrap if needed. Top the salmon with weights, a heavy pan with cans on top, or – as I do, 2 foil wrapped bricks.


Place in the refrigerator. Cure for 2 days total (at least 48 hours), turning the salmon over every 12 hours.


To serve:
Remove salmon from brine. Pat dry to remove brine. Place on a cutting board, wipe off most of the seasonings.
Slice gravlax very thinly with a sharp knife on the bias when ready to use it. Top with fresh dill sprigs.


Cover and refrigerate any leftover gravlax, Will stay for up to one week. Slice when needed.
The beets color the top flesh of the salmon filet, the natural orange color is beneath – making a gorgeous presentation.


*For a larger quantity, use a 1  1/2 pound piece of salmon filet, and double the recipe- brine for three days.


Other serving Suggestions:
~ Add slice Gravlax to an omelet with goat cheese and fresh dill.
~ Top fresh pumpernickel with thin slices, mustard and fresh herbs.
~ Top a bagel, schmeared with some cream cheese.


You can successfully freeze Gravlax for a few weeks, well wrapped.

See BLOG for more photos and tips.

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