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Cheddar and Herb “Pennies” ~ Savory Shortbread Crackers


Simple to make – roll mixture into a log – chill, slice & bake! Top with garden herbs for an elegant touch.

Cheesy, buttery shortbread crackers melt in your mouth – a special recipe
Aren’t they beautiful? Ready to go in the oven with assorted herbs on top that bake into the “Pennies.” I chose Chives, Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley and Basil Buds.

To make the best “pennies” use a great cheddar! I’ve used Black Creek 2 Year Aged Cheddar (bought at Whole Foods.)

These cheese coins are made with just a few ingredients including: grated aged cheddar, flour or gluten free flour, butter, chili powder (or smoked paprika), sea salt, pepper and assorted herbs for topping them.
These here that I have made are Gluten Free!
They bake up deliciously, light & crispy.
While I try not to heat up the kitchen too much in summer – these beauties bake in 15 – 18 minutes and will keep for about a week.

Adding Garden Herbs gives these “pennies” a Summery touch!
I have such an assortment of herbs growing in my garden ~ I topped them with 5 different varieties. Choose the toppings you like, or have on hand… yet all 5 herbs make an impressive display!!

Make ahead of time?
Sure! The logs can be made and stored in the refrigerator for a few days, or frozen for about one month.
When you’re craving them – slice, top and bake!

The “penny” dough comes together quickly in a stand mixer, or by hand
Using waxed paper – roll the dough into a log and refrigerate until cold and hardened
Cut into 1/3 inch rounds
Top with fresh herbs, then refrigerate so they do not spread while baking
Crispy, yet they melt in you mouth!

A revised recipe from the 1950’s – these popular Cheesy Shortbread “Pennies” are the perfect little crackers with big flavor.

I’m serving them on a marble platter for company

Enjoy these wonderful “PENNIES!”

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