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Thai Inspired Honeynut Squash Soup with a Toasted Rice Garnish

Karen’s 21 Fabulous Winter Squash Recipes!

It’s Winter Squash Season in Fall! Learn how to prepare and cook many varieties…in these well tested and modern recipes – 21 to choose from. Winter Squash is harvested in the fall and has a hard rind, which allows it to keep well for months.¬†Summer Squash has a thinner, edible rind and is harvested in […]

Sunchoke & Squash Soup Recipe

SOUPS ON! My Favorite Soups to Make Right Now

15 Soups to Make right now and into Winter’s Cooler Months. Creative, original soup recipes with wholesome ingredients bursting with flavor. A wonderful collection to try… before I send out all the Thanksgiving essential recipes! Sunchokes lend a creaminess to warm soups, perfectly paired with the velvety smooth Kabocha Squash for a wonderful Fall & […]

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