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Easy Russet Fries with My Sazón Seasoning

Karen’s Oven Fries! Three Recipes: Seasoned Russets, Celeriac and Sweet Potatoes

My go-to weeknight staple… oven fries! Crispy and tender inside – cooks quickly and perfectly seasoned. Unlike fried potatoes -oven fries retain their vitamins and minerals Sazón Seasoned Russet Oven Fries: Crispy and Full Of Flavor – Toss with a little EVOO and my seasonings for the ultimate Oven Fries! Delicious Option: adding Parmesan & Parsley. […]

Karen's Cajun Celeriac Fries

Celeriac Oven Fries with Cajun Seasonings

A fabulous low-carb alternative to potatoes with a nutty-celery flavor. Roasted to perfection with golden edges and just the right amount of heat. Crispy and easy to prepare! Cut the Peeled Celery Root into batonettes (thick chunky-cut) – add them to boiling water to soften and cook for just 3 minutes; drain and pat completely […]

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