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Honey Walnut Banana Bread ~ Gluten Free

Honey Walnut Banana Bread ~ Gluten Free

Gluten Free (I tell all my tricks) Moist and Delicious! I’m making it today using my mini loaf pans which offers a full, beautiful rise.
Mash some bananas ~ leave some in chunks for the ultimate banana bread!

Karen’s Gluten Free Banana Bread – also recipe for regular flour!
I’m adding my Chocolate- Yogurt Easy Frosting to top for a decadent taste. SEE RECIPE BELOW!

I am always tweaking recipes – reducing sugar (mostly refined sugars which spike our blood sugar) if I can – and using just enough fat to make whatever delicious.
I have noticed that most banana bread recipes are too sweet and rich.
I love this recipe and hope you will enjoy it too!
Fine Almond flour adds a nice texture; Greek yogurt keeps it moist.

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