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Poached Pears in Spiced Red Wine and Pomegranate Juice with Caramel Zabaglione

Caramel Zabaglione

A creamy and rich caramel custard, perfect with poached pears ~ especially for the holidays.

Served here with ‘Poached Pears in Spiced Red Wine and Pomegranate Juice’

Poached Pears in Spiced Red Wine and Pomegranate Juice with Caramel Zabaglione


½ cup pure cane sugar

2 tablespoons filtered water

⅓ cup heavy cream

2 pinches sea salt

5 large egg yolks, room temperature

3 tablespoon grand marnier, or bourbon 

1 ½ cups whipped cream, (no sugar)



1. Make caramel.
2. Make zabaglione, with caramel
3. Fold in whipped cream.


Caramel: Heat the 1/3 cup of heavy cream until it is warm (microwave works great.) Set aside.
In a 9″ skillet, add the sugar and water, swirl. Cook over medium heat, swirling the pan, not stirring,
until the sugar has melted, and the caramel is a deep amber color, about 5 minutes. Slowly and carefully, add the heavy cream and stir with a whisk until smooth. Lower the heat to low, and cook one more minute until slightly thickened.
Remove from heat, cool slightly.


Make a bain marie (or use a double boiler)- add water to a one quart pot, bring to a boil. Top with a stainless bowl, so that the bottom of the bowl is 1″ from the water. Add the 5 egg yolks to the bowl with the slightly cooled caramel. Whisk well. Set the water to just a simmer.
Cook the zabaglione, whisking constantly until it has thickened, about 8 minutes (hint: check from time to time, checking the water is at a simmer.)
Remove from heat, cool at room temperature – until it no longer warm.


Add the whipped cream, folding it in to lighten the zabaglione. Refrigerate until serving.
(Can serve the zabaglione without the whipped cream if desired – will be a thickened, rich caramel.)
Refrigerate up to 2 days.


Serving Idea: I froze the zabaglione (with whipped cream), Just to test it – and it was terrific – like a rich, creamy ice cream.. would also work with my poached pears!


Serve the zabaglione over poached pears and syrup.


See recipe: Poached Pears in Spiced Red Wine & Pomegranate Juice.

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