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Karen’s Gone Crackers – Foolproof Gluten-Free Seeded Crackers


These homemade crackers are better than store-bought varieties with unwanted preservatives; plus, you can make them easily from your everyday pantry staples—and they’re actually fun to bake. See below for my favorite Dip Recipes

Homemade crispy and delicious crackers, gluten-free, dairy free and sugar free...delicious!

My favorite homemade cracker with lots of crispy-crunch

Better Than Store Bought – Fool-Proof Gluten-Free Seeded Crackers!

Make these easy crackers from your everyday organic pantry ingredients.

They are actually fun to bake, just roll thinly to and cut to create the triangular crisps.

Who can resist a cracker that is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free and Wheat Free?

Feel free to serve with your favorite hummus or dip for a guilt free indulgence… or crunch them alone on the go.

One recipe makes 48 crackers, and they are great keepers – stay fresh and crispy for weeks after you bake them, (believe me – they will not last that long!)

The Simple Ingredients are: brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, tamari, and sea salt.

These ingredients are Ancient Grains and are certainly more nutritious than refined grain products. Many ancient grains thrive with lower levels of pesticides, fertilizers, and irrigation, making them an attractive choice to consumers who choose to shop with their carbon footprint in mind.

To make: cook the rice and quinoa and whirl in a food processor until a thick, somewhat mushy ball. Fold in the seeds and seasonings – and the mixture is done. That was easy enough, huh?

Next, (and I have tested this process many times) portion the dough into 6 balls, and roll directly onto a sheet pan with waxed paper on top until very thin. Score the crackers with a knife or pizza cutter and bake until crisp, just 12 minutes.

Enjoy these truly wonderful crackers, I think they are better than store bought varieties with unwanted preservatives, and are a snap to make! See the recipe for incorporating other flavors into the dough.


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One to three balls of dough - all comes together very quickly in a food processor

Roll the dough thinly, then cut and bake

Out of the oven, one recipe makes 48 crackers

You can also bake random, thin shapes and break apart when crispy

Serve with your favorite dip - these are healthy for the whole family and would impress company!

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