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Fresh Peach Frozen Yogurt


A refreshing treat on a warm Summer Day – Lightened up with less sugar.
Choose juicy, ripe delicious peaches for the recipe.

A scoop of Peach Frozen Yogurt with Granola and Peach Slices
I’m loving juicy pieces of peaches in the frozen yogurt

In just a few steps – in just a few minutes the base for the frozen yogurt is ready to chill.
Leave to cool in the refrigerator until cold, then churn.

Choose juicy, ripe delicious peaches for the recipe. Mealy or underripe peaches will not produce a wonderful dessert.

Removing the peel from the peaches produces a luscious texture; then purée and add to the other ingredients.

This creamy yogurt is delicious on its own. I like to add garnishes that complement and add a new texture. I always have homemade granola on hand – the crunch on top is a great addition! Extra peach slices are always welcome… and mint sprigs too. See my recipe: Karen’s Homemade Weekday Granola.

Ripe, flavorful and sweet peaches make the best desserts
Poach peaches just until the skins slip off
Karen’s Homemade Weekday Granola – a great topping for the frozen yogurt (see recipe)

I have cut down on the sugar in the recipe, as I tested it – wasn’t sure of the outcome, yet loved how the peach flavor is dominant, and did not miss the extra sugar. I am cutting down on my sugar intake… this does not mean I’m eliminating it altogether.
I do use organic pure cane sugar and raw honey or organic brown rice sugar in the recipe – no corn syrup.

Commercial frozen yogurts I do not eat anymore. I find ALL with “natural flavorings” unpalatable with a “fake” flavor. So much for “healthy & natural!”

Commercial Peach frozen yogurt’s flavor in particular is so fake and off putting – similar to those “peach-flavored” ice teas.

In this recipe its all natural peach flavor… taste the difference!

In case your wondering – “should I get an ice cream machine this season?”
The answer is a b-i-g YES!


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