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Spring Minty Pea Soup with Scallion Kimchee


A quick blender soup with a good handful of mint – Scallion Kimchee adds a hit of mellow heat 

Loads of peas add a gorgeous color along with leeks, scallions, garlic, potatoes, mint, dill and vegetable broth
Scallion Kimchee takes minutes to prepare and adds a texture and heat to the creamy soup

A delicious, light soup that showcases the vibrant, delicate flavors of the season. The key to a vibrant green soup is cooking the peas perfectly, which means very briefly (use frozen ones … I chose an organic variety.)

I love cooking soup – and continue during Spring and Summer seasons. Very inviting on cool nights, and when the air conditioning is blasting. Healthfulness in a bowl.

Peas are quickly tossed in the hot vegetable broth and immediately blended to preserve its natural color.

I’ve seen a lot of drab looking pea soups – this one retains it’s bright green color and fresh pea and herb flavor.
Leeks & Scallion whites are sautéed first, their greens are added in the last step and swiftly added to the carafe of a blender.
Herbs are added at the end as well, which add to the bright color, as you process the soup in a blender from low speed to high until creamy and bright green… easy!!

I love using my garden herbs – mint seems to grow like weeds! ~ and my dill is doing quite well – I’ve added some of that too.
I urge you to plant an herb garden to use through summer. Plant close to your kitchen so it’s easy to pick and toss into your culinary creations.

A quite light soup, a little yukon gold potato give some nice body and texture – otherwise it’s all peas, herbs and alliums; leeks, scallions and garlic.

I’ve used a good quality vegetable broth – see recipe for more information.
For a Vegan Soup, use extra virgin olive oil instead of the butter.

Scallion Kimchee takes only minutes to prepare and adds a nice contrast a zippy heat.

Ingredients for the soup
The soup ready to add to the blender
A healthy soup with Spring flavors. Garnish with my Quick Scallion Kimchee, fresh shelled peas for crunch and fresh herbs
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