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Roast Za’atar Capons with Za’atar Seasoning Blend


Holiday Entertaining? These perfectly seasoned capons remain juicy with a crisp skin and will add a flavorful and festive touch to your buffet!

My blended Za'atar seasoning adds zesty flavor to the birds
My blended Za’atar Seasoning adds zesty flavor to the birds
This recipe make 4 roasted capons - perfect for entertaining!
This recipe make 4 roasted capons – perfect for entertaining!

Za’atar is an intensely aromatic and ancient spice blend and condiment with eastern Mediterranean spices.

A balance of citrusy, woodsy, and earthy notes you can blend in your home and use in countless recipes.

My blend includes a mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Spices:
Sumac – a naturally purplish colored spice (from a red berry) with a tart flavor.
Sesame Seeds, toasted – adds a nutty, delicate flavor
Cumin Seeds, toasted and ground – distinctive warm and powerful flavor
Smoked Paprika – adds color and smoky flavor with mild heat
Garlic,  dehydrated and ground – while not Middle Eastern, adds a welcoming intense flavor
Thyme Leaves – pungent flavor with a hint of mint
Oregano Leaves – sweet, fresh and lemony flavor
Cloves, ground – powerful, warm and sweet spice
Lemon Peel, dried and ground – pleasant zesty aroma
Red Chiles,  dried and mild – essential heat
Sea Salt Flakes, such as Maldon – just a touch to round out the flavors

Mix all ingredients together and store in a clean, well sealed container in a cool, dark place.
There are many Za’atar blends available for purchase – I love to blend my own – with its distinct personality! I think its the very best blend.

I grind all of my whole spices in my kitchen with a handy spice grinder. (You can purchase it here… the one I use and not too costly.)

Uses: Fabulous rubbed into poultry,  mix with olive oil for a delicious spread – use with bread, dips, hummus, vegetables, meat, salad dressings and salad.

This recipe: Marinate the capons in fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and Za’atar Seasoning Blend overnight. To roast – save marinade and roast capons over a bed of sliced shallots with more seasoning rubbed all over the capons. Roast breast side down for the first 20 minutes (so the dark meat gets some nice golden color), turn over and roast breast side up (presentation side) for another 20 minutes, or until cooked through with a golden and crispy skin.

Serve the capons with the Caramelized Shallots from the bottom of the pan, and the “Au Jus” Gravy from the natural pan drippings.

Serving Suggestion: Platter the capons over a Couscous or Quinoa Pilaf (warm or cold), with roasted vegetables, fresh herbs and a sprinkling of feta cheese. Fabulous for entertaining!

Enjoy this holiday recipe,

2 capons plattered with the roasted shallots and natural au jus gravy
2 capons plattered with the roasted, caramelized shallots and natural au jus gravy
My blended Za'atar seasoning.. very versatile!
My blended Za’atar seasoning.. very versatile! See recipe
Serve Za'atar Capons over quinoa with roasted vegetables
Serve Za’atar Capons over a quinoa pilaf (or couscous) with roasted vegetables, fresh herbs and a sprinkling of feta cheese
    • Jane Fisher
    • 22 Aug 2017

    Succulent looking capons and such gorgeous pictures of the final dish. This is a keeper recipe for those special dinners with extended family and friends. A tasty Mediterranean spin to the dish with za’atar, and feta, but as always, the quality of your herbs matters. Your Za’atar blend is versatile indeed, but I am a bit lazy when it comes to makes a fresh batch at home. I prefer store-bought blends and always thought all zaatar blends contained what the labelling proclaimed — real zaatar herb and other high-quality ingredients. But I was dead wrong, until a friend recommended this online store “eatzaatar’ for its premium grade, flavorful zaatar blends which contain the three mainstay spices.

    1. Happy you like the Za’atar blend! Always a treat to have some on hand… making your own insures the quality, as you can add salt to your liking. So many spice blends start with salt & sugar.
      I made beer-can- chicken this week with this blend. Amazing!!
      Subscribe to my weekly. blog – I’m always cooking!

        • Jane Fisher
        • 1 Sep 2017

        Thanks Karen. It feels nice when bloggers reply. More power to your tribe. I am sure the beer-cab-chicken tasted great.

        Btw, I’ve subscribed and look forward to your recipes.

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