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Asian Chicken in Parchment – Homemade Hoisin Sauce


This packet-steaming method produces incredibly tender chicken with minimal effort. An attractive presentation – perfect for a weeknight meal… elegant enough for company

An easy, lean way to cook with minimal clean up. Produces a moist and succulent interior.
Perfectly wrapped parcels are cut open at the table with all the flavors locked in – a simple preparation

As this is my first post of the new year – I’ve created a recipe that’s light on the waistline without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. As you will see – it is quite simple to prepare!

Cooking “en papillote”( in paper),  is a simple yet refined culinary tradition which creates dishes that are aromatic, juicy and flavorful.

A flexible method of steaming food while enclosed in a folded pouch – it requires little or no added fat. Steam builds up in the packet to cook food quickly yet gently.

Perhaps the best part about cooking in parchment is that it’s a solution for busy weeknight dinners and special enough for entertaining. There’s something inherently festive about opening a packet at the table to an aromatic cloud of fragrant steam!

Chicken stays plump when steamed with bok choy, carrots and an assortment of onions – the natural moisture in the veggies,  with ginger, garlic, sesame seeds and hoisin sauce creates it’s own tempting, baked-in sauce.

As the paper browns,  rises and puffs up, it gives an idea of how quickly the contents are cooking.

The perfectionist in me decided to have some fun testing a recipe for Homemade Hoisin Sauce!
The results were outstanding! I’m thrilled to offer the recipe – free from artificial ingredients and preservatives.
See the recipe – you might have most of the ingredients already in your pantry and refrigerator.
And, it cooks in five minutes (I like to whirl it in my little food processor so it’s smooth.)

Serve the chicken with steamed rice, or as I did – a quinoa pilaf. And, some extra homemade hoisin sauce for passing!

A Happy, Healthy & Delicious 2017 to all!

Make this sauce! Better than store-bought without preservatives, great for a stir-fry and dipping sauce too
Marinate the chicken with tamari sauce, clementine juice, ginger, garlic and sesame seeds – rest at room temperature for 20 minutes
The finished packet, just opened with a delicious sauce baked in!
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