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Turkey Chili with Homemade Chili Powder


A hearty bowl of Chili with extra vegetables, plenty of chipotles and Homemade Chili Powder for the ultimate flavor

Turkey Chili in individual bowls with a blend of cheeses, sour cream, onions and jalapeño
Homemade chili powder with Guindilla Chiles and Pasilla Negro Chiles
Karen’s Homemade Chili Powder (easier to make than you think) adds a true, deep chili essence
Add the toppings you desire ~ great with some Organic Blue Corn Tortillas on the side

In Spanish, the word chile from the Nahuatl “chīlli” refers to a “chili pepper”, and carne is Spanish for “meat.”

This is a big batch of Chili! Low in fat and chock full of all the good things in life: beans, fresh spices and loaded with vegetables.

I always look forward to a healthy bowl of chili on a cold winter night. It’s one of those recipes that lasts in the refrigerator for up to a week – so mealtime is a breeze… just reheat and add you favorite toppings.

Tortilla Chips complement nicely for their crunch and deep corn flavor. And – there are so many organic types to try, many which are salt-free.

For an appetizer – add large tortilla chips to a foil lined baking sheet, top with chili and dot with cheese. Bake until cooked through and crispy and garnish with toppings (sour cream, onions, sliced  jalapeños and fresh cut herbs.)

See my recipe: Karen’s Homemade Chili Powder – Toasted and ground chilis and mild spice add a delicious, fresh flavor… and it’s quite easy to make! Many better grocery shops and Mexican and Latin specialty stores sell these whole chiles in packages, which are not expensive at all.

Warm up this Winter with this healthful Chili,

Colorful Vegetables and Beans for the Chili
Moderately hot chiles ~ Guindilla Chiles and Pasilla Negro Chiles
Toast Chiles in a dry skillet, add cumin seeds then garlic and oregano; blitz in spice grinder with smoked paprika
Stirring up all these wonderful, colorful vegetables
Add the browned chunks of turkey, seasonings, tomatoes and beans
The perfect meal for a cold Winter’s night
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