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Potato Salad with Artichokes – Lemon Thyme Dressing


A light and tasty potato salad perfect to serve outdoors with your favorite Bar-B-Que favorites. It’s Memorial Day Weekend- lighten up your repertoire!

Steamed potatoes pair with long stemmed artichokes (jarred are ok) with a zesty dressing

Look for the best quality jarred artichokes with stems imported from Italy

A light and tasty Potato Salad perfect to serve alfresco in warm weather. Special enough for an elaborate buffet, with ingredients that complement any dishes that are next to it.

With a plethora of potatoes available at Farmer’s Markets and Specialty Shops – it’s a snap to grab some, and steam them into a healthy, homemade potato salad.

Creamer Potatoes are thin-skinned, rich in flavor and highly nutritious. These small balls of goodness are harvested before they mature to keep them small and tender.

The skin of creamer potatoes is waxy and high in moisture content, and the flesh contains a lower level of starch than other potatoes, which makes it suitable for steaming.

I’ve chosen a red variety called “blushing belle, ” they have a velvety texture with a beautiful soft golden color inside.

What I love about this salad – no mayonnaise. A vinaigrette dressing is more portable in the heat, and lighter on your waistline.

Pack in the flavor with my Lemon Thyme Dressing bursting with freshness and a zesty essence. It’s simple to whisk in a bowl, then add some quartered steamed potatoes while warm to soak up the dressing. Mustard seeds add a perfect little crunch and some pungent goodness.

Artichokes are loaded with protein and fiber, and the perfect complement to the flavorful potatoes to boost nutrition. Not in the mood to steam fresh artichokes? Look for elegant long stemmed varieties, usually packed in oil from Italy. Cut them into slender quarters, and add them to the salad in the last step.

Easy, delicious – it’s the ultimate side dish and definite crowd-pleaser for picnicking. Using just one bowl make the preparation a snap!

Start the simple dressing with lemon rind, lemon juice, grainy & dijon mustard, garlic, fresh thyme and sea salt & pepper

Emulsify the dressing by drizzling in oil with a whisk

Cut the steamed potatoes in quarters and add them to the dressing while still a little warm to grab the flavors

A perfectly delicious side dish - perfect for warmer weather

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