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How to Make Fresh Tomato Sauce


End of Summer / Early Fall Tomatoes are put to great use in a wonderful simmered sauce you can savor well into Fall and Winter. Use it to make my terrific Ground Turkey “Meat Sauce” with Fresh Tomato Sauce.

Tastes entirely different from jarred – clean & vibrant
Ground Turkey “Meat Sauce” made special with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce – made with fresh peeled tomatoes tastes entirely different from the jarred variety. With a bright and fresh tomato flavor and silky texture. I make big batches, use some immediately for recipes, and freeze some for later – in Winter, I find pints of the sauce in my freezer, and that makes me happy!

Enjoy the process, does take a little time, but so worth you efforts!!

I couldn’t resist buying a case of “seconds” tomatoes at my local farmers’ market. Seconds tomatoes are those the grower can not sell at full price because they are not perfect – some with blemishes or soft spots.

“Seconds” Tomatoes are awesome! Fully ripe – just cut away any darkened spots and proceed. AND – they are soooo economical! I bought the entire case for $15. With heirloom tomatoes selling for about $4 a pound these were a steal!

Only thing – had to peel the entire case! Not too difficult, and goes quite quickly.

The process: With a sharp knife cut away the blossom end to each tomato with a sharp small knife (the side that grows off the vine.) Then cut a light “X” on the other side – this will loosen the skin, and make it a breeze to peel. Drop each one into a clean sink until you have done all. Wash gently to remove any outer dirt.
Bring you largest soup pot to a boil, filled halfway with water. Then, drop tomatoes into the water, cover with lid – after one minute remove them to a clean sink.
Peel tomatoes (they slip right off), cut away any bad spots and cut in half.
Seed tomatoes by squeezing them over a fine mesh strainer with a bowl underneath to catch all the juices. There will be a lot of juice! Use it in the sauce and reduce for 1 hour… not much tomato paste needed.

Yes, I bought and peeled a case of tomatoes! For the recipe, I used 12 large, ripe tomatoes
Drop the prepared tomatoes in a pot of boiling water, their skins will loosen, ready to peel
Peeled and seeded chopped tomatoes – ready to make sauce
Start the sauce by sautéing onions, shallots, garlic and olive oil, then add basil and the chopped tomatoes
The sauce will simmer for one hour, then perfectly delicious and fresh tasting
Weeknight meat sauce ~ I chose ground turkey, seasoned it well and added some fresh tomato sauce
I used gluten free Barilla linguine and topped with my slow roasted cherry tomatoes and basil leaves

Enjoy! Let Summer linger a bit with this homemade sauce!

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