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Grilled Chicken and Corn Lettuce Wraps


Summertime is all about light, fresh meals, and these chicken and corn lettuce wraps fit the bill exactly. Loaded with lush flavors and textures – the perfect recipe to master… and enjoy!

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A simple and healthy summer meal, make my Cashew & Peanut Satay Sauce to line the lettuce leaves – top with Marinated and Grilled Chicken, Grilled Corn Kernels, Cucumber Salsa, Julienned Vegetables, Fresh Mint Leaves and Roasted Cashews & Peanuts.

Layered with complex flavors, fun to eat, and surprisingly simple to make at home. For a casual dinner, place the chicken mixture, lettuce leaves and garnishes on the table and let diners help themselves. I like making them for my guests – they look so pretty when layered with these ingredients.

Perfect for lo-carb and gluten-free diners. Make the fixings ahead of time – then assembling the wraps is a snap!

Sounds like a lot of steps? It’s the components, when combined, that makes these lettuce wraps irresistible.

I love this creamy satay sauce under the chicken and vegetables – adds a nice smooth texture.
For a second night – double the recipe… dip the chicken in the sauce!

Chicken tenderloins are… tender! So try them in place of chicken thighs for a change. They won’t dry out like chicken breasts can. Marinating them is a step not to be missed… hint: the honey in the marinade will caramelize when grilled, and offer a nice color. It’s easy to grill an ear of corn, simply add to the grill with the chicken.

A tart and zesty salsa is always welcome on lettuce tacos for a pickled flavor boost. Add some spice to the recipe if you like it spicy.

Mint leaves are a must! So are roasted cashews and peanuts – adding crunch and flavor – THE KEY to a good lettuce wrap!


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