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Dehydrated Heirloom Tomatoes Packed in Olive Oil and Thyme


Preserve summer by dehydrating or oven drying your favorite tomatoes. Pack some in jars with extra virgin olive oil and thyme branches. A refreshing burst of sweetness!

Dehydrated Tomatoes in Oil with Thyme Branch
Tomatoes dehydrated on trays
Add these to so many recipes!

I like to dehydrate my tomatoes until somewhat dry and chewy. These are not very dry tomatoes. They still have tomato texture a little chewy with dry edges.

Dehydrated tomatoes are sweet!!! ~ a refreshing burst of sweetness.

Use them to top many of your culinary creations – toss into pasta dishes (even lasagne!), any sautéed chicken or fish dish, as a topping for sandwiches, the base for bruschetta, fold into a softened cheese for the ultimate dip or filling – as a filling for omelets and frittatas…

I made so many (couldn’t resist all those colorful tomato gems at the farmers’ market) dried tomatoes ~ and layered them into canning jars and poured in a good fruity olive oil to submerge them ~ these will last for weeks in the refrigerator.

I also added thyme branches from my garden and dehydrated them with the tomatoes. When stored in oil – it’s best to dry the thyme for long storage (fresh thyme has a lot of moisture, and will not last as long.)

And ~ they are so simple to prepare! Lay the tomatoes on mesh trays of your dehydrator, set it and forget it! Takes about 4 hours to dehydrate. See my recipe too for an oven dehydrated method.

For a quick room temperature sauce: Scoop out some dried tomato halves with some olive oil their packed in – to a small bowl. Add grated garlic to taste, salt and freshly grated pepper and a good dash of aged balsamic vinegar. Add fresh herbs and let macerate for a half hour.
I topped fresh grilled salmon off the grill with this sauce.

How about creaming some goat cheese, and adding these marinated tomatoes for a really tasty dip or filling?!

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes are intensely sweet when dehydrated
Add fresh thyme branches to the dehydrator as well
Olive Oil preserves the tomatoes – store in the refrigerator
A Summer treat

Have fun dehydrating and enjoy!

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