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Blender Watermelon Frosé ~ a wine-based summery slushie that’s cold and refreshing


Frozen Watermelon, Rosé Wine, Coconut Milk Cubes with a Float of White Rum – Invite Some Guests… It’s Party Time. THE Drink of the Summer!

Frozen Boozy Watermelon Frosé – the drink of Summer!
Blends up to a frosty, delightful whip!

Frosé is a wine-based summery slushie that’s cold and refreshing.

I love a good French rosé (fro-ZAY) in warmer months, so as the summer temperatures rise, an icy, blender drink is so thirst-quenching!

Frosé has been trending recently – my idea is to add summer fruit; watermelon’s sweet interior and high water content blends up to a delightful whip!
I’m still dreaming of the perfect frozen & frosty daiquiri, so added coconut milk (not preservative laden Coco López!), lime juice and raspberry purée as well. After poured and frosty – top with a good float of White Rum… for a decadent daiquiri essence.

No need to freeze the wine, just chill it ~ freeze watermelon chunks, and make frozen coconut cubes (coconut milk frozen in an ice cube tray – I’ve used flexible silicone one.)

The thick, frozen texture makes “frosé” even more refreshing than a glass of rosé and perfect for a crowd of friends.

Not too sweet with plenty of natural watermelon flavor.

To Make the Frosé:
Pour 3/4 of a chilled bottle of Rose wine in the carafe of a blender.
Add the frozen watermelon, coconut milk cubes, raspberry purée and 1t. lime juice.
Blend on low speed, and quickly raise to the highest speed and whirl until smooth and thick.

Pour into individual glasses. Top each with a good float (shot) of White Rum.

Garnish with a wedge of watermelon, lime slice, raspberry and a mint sprig. Use 4″ skewer to thread.

Frozen deliciousness!

Freeze watermelon chunks and coconut milk, then you’re ready to whirl in a blender
Chill your bottle of Rosé, make a simple raspberry purée ~ the white rum is floated on top
Sprinkle pure cane sugar on top of raspberries, let stand, then strain out the seeds to make a purée
Add chilled wine, coconut milk frozen cubes and frozen watermelon and whirl in a blender
Watermelon Frosé ready to enjoy! I’m serving them on vintage linen cocktail napkins
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