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Spring Artichokes with Southern Spiced Cornbread Crumbs


Ah… Spring Artichokes! Steamed in a flavorful broth, then baked with deliciously spiked Cornbread Crumbs.

Nothing better than steamed and baked artichokes in the Spring!

Cook the artichokes in a flavorful broth

What a simple delicacy – in season, large fresh artichokes, perfectly cooked. What’s not to love? From the leaves to the heart, artichokes are simply delicious.

I make my own cornbread, then use – or freeze the extra for another time. My recipe is gluten-free adaptable (see recipe.) The recipe is Vegetarian, if Vegan, easy swipes are discussed in the recipe.

A single variety of artichoke has dominated the market since the 1920s: the big, round California green globe. At farmers’ markets you might find other heirloom varieties, small “baby” types – many with a lovely purple hue. I’m a big fan of the long stemmed one – the peeled and trimmed stem has the unique flavor of the heart… the artichoke’s prize.

However, you might not be aware of the humble artichoke’s position as a nutrient powerhouse and the amazing health benefits you can have simply by adding this veggie to your diet.

Artichokes are a superfood in every sense of the word. The phytonutrients in artichokes provide potent antioxidant benefits,  a serving of artichokes provides greater antioxidant benefits per serving than many other foods traditionally considered to be antioxidant-rich such as dark chocolate, blueberries and red wine.

One large artichoke contains over 10 grams of dietary fiber, twice the amount of broccoli or avocado! It also aids with digestive support as studies have shown they van reduce feelings of bloating – a gentle remedy for indigestion and an upset stomach.

Steam the artichokes in a flavorful broth laden with wine, lemon, extra virgin olive oil, bay leaves and vegetable broth. Then remove the choke, top with flavored a cornbread crumb mixture and bake for five minutes until crispy. A tasty side dish, or a little meal by itself.

Enjoy the flavors of Spring!

An easy cornbread recipe... eat some, freeze some for another day

Artichokes are at their peek of flavor in Spring

Stir up the flavorings for the topping and add the crumbled cornbread

Tempting and delicious artichokes studded with a delicious cornbread topping

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