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Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies


Look no further for the perfect recipe – for eating & gift giving!
These are gluten free! Or ~ use regular flour too.
Perfect Peanut Butter Cookies!

Simple, not fussy and EASY
Bakery quality cookies you’ll love

See recipe: how to make a crosshatch design on top of the cookies with the tines of a fork

It’s December already – and it’s time to Bake, Gift and Share!

This is a very simple cookie with freshly ground peanut butter, organic butter, coconut palm sugar (to reduce glycemic index), pure cane sugar, eggs, baking soda, pure vanilla, sea salt and either gluten free flour or regular unbleached flour.

I bet you already have these ingredients in your pantry!

Well, there are some tricks I have learned after making these bakery quality cookies over the years…

The mixing is standard ~ then refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes.
The reason: The crisscross pattern, made from the tines of a fork will
really set and look pretty.

Then, what’s important is the baking time!
No dry cookies!
Cook until just golden around the edges – they will be lightly puffed…
– take them out of the oven when still a bit soft in the center.
Will cook in 10 – 12 minutes.

These are good keepers, and will stay fresh for up to a week in a well-sealed container. I have a habit of making more than I can eat, and am successful freezing them. Not for an indefinite time! … but a few weeks is ok.
Again, do not over bake these wonderful cookies!

Allergic to Peanut Butter? Choose your favorite ground nut butter ~
I love sunflower seed butter.

Enjoy your Holiday baking!
Wrap up a pretty package of these cookies and deliver to the doorstep of someone you love – they will surely bring a smile.
Ah – the season for gift-giving.

Take care,

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