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Grilled Halibut with Fresh Blueberry Salsa


Liven up Simple Grilled Fish with a snappy, slightly spicy, a touch sweet Blueberry Salsa. Perfect for a lovely weeknight dinner, lavish lunch or for company.

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I simply love fish tacos! My local market just displayed pints of plump blueberries, so I thought of a colorful salsa to accompany some really fresh fish. Each element has a degree of spiciness.

Rub some fiery cajun seasoning into the filet with extra virgin olive oil – add some chipotle powder to the base of the salsa, a blueberry puree.. and mix some minced jalapeño or serranos in with the fruits and vegetables.

All these lovely colors are a feast for the eyes, and offer a lot of crunch… did I mention loaded with antioxidants?

Serve the grilled fish over a corn tortilla with a dollop of blueberry salsa – fold up and devour for the ultimate fish taco!

Halibut is classed as a “white” fish, they have a dense firm white flesh with a good clean flavor. Low in cholesterol,  with omega-3 fatty acids in abundance.  A lean, meaty white fish that is low in sodium, fat and calories.

The name ‘halibut’ is derived from the words ‘haly’ meaning holy and ‘butt’ signifying flat. Being the largest of the flatfish and one of the largest among saltwater fish, this cold water fish is found in both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


Quick and colorful Blueberry Salsa with fresh corn, tomatoes and cucumbers

Start the salsa with a simple blueberry puree

Spice and sear the freshest fish possible - Cod on left, Halibut on right

A healthy recipe with fresh flavors

Perfectly grilled and ready for the Salsa, serve alone or with a corn tortilla. Both Halibut and Cod work great

Blueberry Salsa - up close


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