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Roasted Wild Mushrooms with Chili Oil & Vegan Pine Nut Cream Sauce


Wonderful Meaty Roasted Mushrooms Team with a Vegan Pine Nut-Pesto Creamy Sauce Layered over Pasta
Mushrooms are basted with my quick homemade Chili Oil for a spicy bite.

This Vegan recipe includes many Wild Mushrooms, a luxurious texture and hearty flavor – cooked perfectly with crisp edges!

Oh-my! I’m loving this combination. This Vegan dish has it all – amazing textures and color
With a meaty texture and earthy flavor, these mushrooms are roasted and cooked to perfection with crispy edges

Toss with Pasta in a Vegan Pine Nut-Basil Creamy Sauce – a game-changer Vegan Sauce!
You will soak the pine nuts and whirl them in a blender until oh-so-creamy, then add pesto.
Lemon Zest and Nutritional Yeast boost it’s flavor.

I’m eating a Vegan dinner at least once a week… and mostly a Vegetarian lunch.
I do love vegetables and write many Vegan & Vegetarian recipes that are health-conscious too!
My advise is to try new ingredients and techniques so it’s not the same old boring recipe...

So – I’m always testing new recipes with tons of flavor with a good dose of fiber and this recipe is no exception.
Choose the pasta you like! There are so many gluten free options today that are fiber-rich made from plants – like chickpea and lentil varieties.

See my method for:

  • Roasting Mushrooms Perfectly
  • How to make and use Homemade Chili Oil
  • Creating a Vegan Sauce in a Blender
  • Tossing the Dish Together and Garnishing with Fresh Basil
I’ve used Loi Pasta (called simply “macaroni”) – non GMO made in Greece. Has a nice texture and bite with a cool appearance. Use you favorite pasta!
A delightful mix of wild mushrooms, each with it’s own texture and flavor
Trumpet and Cremini mushrooms are brushed with chili oil and roasted
Basting mushrooms with Chili Oil; Maitake (left) and Golden Oyster (right)
The finished Creamy Vegan Pine Nut & Basil Sauce – made in a blender 
Quick-n-Easy Chili Oil

Consider Going Vegan One Night a Week:
Ditching meat, even one day a week is not about what you are taking away… but what you are adding to your diet!
Eating more vegetables, whole grains, beans and legumes offer many health benefits (which can help prevent heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes.)
Consuming a plant-based diet can benefit the environment.
Vegetables are nutrient powerhouses and add color and texture to your meals – use them more often in your recipes, and on your plate.

Many foods that aren’t made with animals are still unhealthy! Watch out for heavily processed foods! 

And – really think about removing processed foods out of our diets (I did!) – it helps to reduce inflammation.
The Flexitarian diet (flexible and vegetarian) is primarily plant-based but with small amounts of meat and dairy. It is considered a great all-around “diet” choice and easier to adhere to than a Vegan diet.
This ‘vegetarian-ish’ way of eating will keep you well nourished while adding more fiber in your daily routine.

By eating more plants and less meat in the New Year – – can improve our health… and make our planet healthier.



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