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After Thanksgiving Recipes Plus NEW: Roast Turkey & Veggie Tacos


I’m hoping your Thanksgiving was enjoyable and tasty.
Here’s what I’m cooking up with the holiday’s leftovers.

Roast Turkey & Veggie Mexican-Style Hard Shell Tacos

Have lots of leftover of everything? Maybe after purchasing many ingredients, you decided to limit your guests this year.
This just happened to a friend who was in her kitchen staring at loads of partially-cooked sweet potatoes… I recommended to cook them in vegetable broth, add a can of coconut milk, freshly grated ginger and some cinnamon; cook together, then blitz with an immersion blender. Soup for days (and freezable.)

Here is what I like to do with my leftover turkey – MAKE TACOS!!

Garnishes are a must – choose the one’s you like! 

Yes – You can substitute shredded or cubed chicken in the recipe!

Make the filling in one skillet with lots of vegetables

Loving Smokey & Vibrant Mulato Chiles in the filling!

Cubes of your thanksgiving turkey are totally transformed into a fabulous filling for tacos.
Assertive seasonings are needed to create just the right smokey and a little spicy infused flavor.
I love Mulato Dried Chiles (dried poblano) typically used in Mexican mole sauces with a delicate smoky flavor.
The recipe has as many vegetables as turkey – so I’m keeping things healthy!

Gluten Free Turkey Tetrazzini 

Leftover Turkey and Vegetables are tossed together and baked into a hearty main course casserole. I love this Turkey Tetrazzini ~ Simple to prepare, and Gluten Free (light on the carbs, there’s just a small amount of quinoa and brown rice noodles inside.)
Lightened up and delicious! It’s easy to make this casserole gluten free… or not.

Thanksgiving Leftover Chef Salad ~ Cranberry Vinaigrette

Like me, you have extra turkey meat from your Thanksgiving feast.
A Chef Salad is a great way to use up leftovers! – and a great alternative (and carb-free!) to the classic turkey sandwich.
Use what you have – compile it into individual bowls for a main course, healthy meal. The options are endless… depending on leftovers at hand, and what’s in your crisper bin!

Cranberry Sauce Vinaigrette 

A great way to use upside of your extra cranberry sauce… I know you have some!
The vinaigrette is perfect for all your after-Thanksgiving salad creations. Easy to make in a blender or food processor.

Greek Lemon Turkey Soup (an after Thanksgiving special recipe)

A Hearty, Healthy & Zesty Soup using 2 cups of diced freshly roasted turkey from your Thanksgiving feast.
Make again using leftover chicken! Like many of us – who wants to cook the week after Thanksgiving?
Yet – with all that leftover turkey meat ( I use white meat for this recipe) this is a one pot soup, that eat likes a meal and is delicious!
This soup has tons of vegetables ~ and lots of lemony zesty flavor.

Thanksgiving Leftover Frittata with Greens, Sweet Potatoes and Fontina 

After a festive holiday meal, the dishes are done … what’s for breakfast? This frittata is easy to put together with minimal effort or mess. Healthy, sensible ingredients you already have on hand. Sauté, bake until puffed and enjoy.
Use leftover potatoes and sauté any greens you gave on hand.

Yummy Pumpkin Oatmeal Pancakes

These pancakes are great to make over the long weekend after Thanksgiving! Have extra pumpkin puree?
The recipe can also be made with extra sweet potatoes of butternut squash – but plain ones, whipped to a puree. The recipe calls for one cup of puree… and they’re delicious. I love topping with Yogurt, Granola, Caramelized Apple Slices and a drizzle of Pure Maple Syrup.

Enjoy your long weekend – with just a little more cooking!


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