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Butternut Squash Gnocchi ~ It’s Gluten Free


These pillowy gnocchi include roasted butternut squash in the dough and also in the final dish ~ serve with simple browned butter and fresh herbs.
A Fall-inspired recipe with healthy ingredients.

Delicious Butternut Squash Gnocchi includes Ricotta Cheese – no potatoes here!
These homemade Gnocchi are light, soft and tender
So much fun to make! See recipe for how to cut into 1 inch lengths and form

I have used Honeynut squash for this recipe – a generally new breed that has a deep color and is rich in flavor.

There are many secrets to make a light and fluffy gnocchi.
The dough has an ample amount of flour (I’ve used a gluten free flour blend) – you will dust just a small amount of flour on you work surface to roll and cut the gnocchi. Yes ~ you can use regular flour!

I find it totally relaxing to make this recipe. It really is simple and not intimidating… I’ll walk you through it!
It does take some time to make – its a big recipe! Makes about 144 little pieces of gnocchi!

I cook some, and freeze some for later.
It’s so cool to poach them once they are shaped!
A batch are cooked in boiling water, and after a few minutes they rise and float to the top. Then, they are simply stirred for a few minutes to make sure they are cooked through, then drained. You can do this!

During this pandemic, many of us (me included) are not visiting restaurants… well, not as much as we have been – this is a restaurant quality dish you can make and enjoy at home.

Roast Butternut Squash; add some to the gnocchi dough, some in the finished dish
Roll the dough into logs, cut into 1 inch pieces ~ use the tines of a fork to shape and give a pinch to make a concave shape
This recipe makes a big batch! I cook some and freeze some for another day
I’m loving this gnocchi – with little flecks of butternut squash
Honeynut Squash – a new breed

Honeynut is a relatively new breed of winter squash ~ the “mini-me” of butternut squash, packed with condensed flavor and intense color.
Find everywhere at farmers’ markets and better grocery stores.

The Honeynut squash is the result of a collaboration between Michael Mazourek, an associate professor in Plant Breeding and Genetics at Cornell University, and Dan Barber, chef and co-owner of Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, New York. Specifically bred for its flavor.

The tiny Honeynut squash, usually from 4″ to 6″ tall, has more nutrients; it’s estimated that a single serving has twice the beta-carotene of an equal amount of butternut squash.

I peeled the squash, yet the skin is thin and edible.

Double the butternut squash power! Pureed in the dough,
and roasted pieces added to the final dish
Such a wonderful Fall dinner – enjoy as a first course too.

Also, try Gluten-Free Ricotta & Spinach Gnocchi

Gluten-Free Ricotta & Spinach Gnocchi

I hope you give Gnocchi a try… well worth your efforts!


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