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Mediterranean Stuffed Shishito Peppers


Blistered Peppers are stuffed with a medley of Mediterranean ingredients for an addictive appetizer

Stuffed with softened goat cheese, vegetables and herbs, then broiled one minute
Recipe makes 24 pick-up stuffed Shishitos

The ultimate pick-up tasty three bite little stuffed peppers!
The mild peppers are stuffed with an explosion of flavor.
These beauties are vegetarian, gluten free and light in calories.

The Shishito Pepper is so versatile!
In abundance now through September, the pepper is a 3 to 4 inches long and finger-long, slender, and thin-walled.
They are mellow & mild- not hot! Yet 1 in 10 is known to be a bit spicy.
Would you believe raw – they are just a few calories each?

They can be grilled or pan-fried with minimal oil.
Think about chopping and dicing them too – and add to salads, stews, soups & more.

The filling is simple – goat cheese, vegetables and herbs.
2 teaspoons is filled in each half ~ tasty and low calorie!!

Mediterranean cuisine is largely plant-based – dishes that they derive deep flavor from flavorful ingredients prepared simply.
These stuffed peppers are packed with antioxidants, fiber and a very high Vitamin C content.

What’s the difference between Shishitos and the similar Padrón Peppers?

Shishitos appear to have a brighter surface and are a tad longer and twisty-tipped with more ridges. They are slightly thicker and silkier.
While Shishitos are known to have a slightly sweeter flavor – Padrón  Peppers have a smoky-flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture.
Shishitos possess a bright note, while Padrón’s have a more earthy flavor.

Mediterranean Flavors make for an exciting filling with a gorgeous burst of color! Creamy Goat Cheese is mixed with Colorful Peppers, Scallions and an assortment of Herbs. I have used rosemary, basil, thyme and marjoram.

These are easy and fun to make!
Farmers’ Markets are loaded with these peppers at the end of summer.
They are mild – yet sometimes a spicier one is in the mix.

A basket of Shishito Peppers from my local Farmers’ Market
Ingredients for the filling: colorful peppers and tomatoes, herbs and goat cheese
The quick- blistered Shishito Peppers
The veggies, scallions and herbs are quickly sautéed
Adding the sautéed veggies, herbs and tomatoes into the goat cheese
The filling is ready to use!
Place on a baking sheet and broil just 2 minutes
The perfect pick up for a party – or eat as a side dish
Light & tasty

And these little peppers pack more than just flavor:
One serving of shishitos (about 8 peppers) provides 170% of your recommended daily Vitamin C and 80% of your daily Vitamin A, as well as loads of vitamins K and B6. Peppers, in general, are a superfood; they act as an anti-inflammatory agent and can lower LDL (the bad cholesterol) while helping keep blood sugar levels in check. Plus, capsaicin speeds up metabolism—so pile on the super low-calorie shishitos with abandon.


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