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Holiday Recipe: Skewered Shrimp Scampi Appetizer


Sautéed Shrimp in a Hearty Garlic Herbal Butter Sauce Skewered with a Cube of Sourdough Bread to Soak up the Flavors.
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The perfect pick-up appetizer
The Toasted Bread Cube soaks in the sauce

Everyone loves a good Scampi dish, so I’ve created an appetizer ~ all the flavors you love in a pick-up skewer!

Perfect for Christmas, New Year’s Eve or any party. Quite and impressive looking dish, and trust me… easy to prepare!

I’m loving how the toasted bread cube sits in the perfectly delicious (and easy) scampi sauce. Who is going to resist these??

I’ve added a good dose of herbal flavors with Rosemary, Thyme and Parsley – and also tossed in some jalapeño and scallions for a depth of flavor.

To Make: Sauté the shrimp marinated in a little grated garlic, evoo, thyme leaves and fresh cracked pepper. Remove and add garlic, seasonings, white wine and lemon juice. Reduce for one minute, then swirl in cold butter until the sauce has beautifully emulsified. Viola!!

The cooked shrimps are simply skewered with a toasted sourdough bread cube on the bottom. Add the warm sauce to a serving platter and top with the tasty skewers. Shower with plenty of chopped parsley and serve.

See Recipe for tips on making ahead of time and reheating.

Ingredients for the Scampi Skewers
Sautéing the shrimp – Cook quickly until just golden on each side, never overcook!
The start of the Quick Pan Scampi Sauce – now add cold butter and swirl
Serve the skewers over the sauce – pass some napkins!

Happy Holidays!!
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