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Grilled Chicken Buffalo Nachos (Vegetarian version too) – The Perfect Game Day Dish

Ingredients matter in these super Nachos! Organic Blue Corn Tortillas are the base.

Loaded Nachos don’t need to be fattening, processed mess! Serve these on Super Bowl Sunday… rave reviews to come!

One of my favorite recipes to happily feed a crowd. Updated with healthy ingredients for deliciousness in every bite. “Buffalo” flavors linger as you toss the freshly-grilled chicken cubes in your favorite hot sauce (the heat will depend on your taste buds) – and dotted blue cheese on top of the nachos. I think the cheese sauce is necessary – keeps all moist and flavorful and won’t dry out the tortillas.

Ingredients for the Nachos Include: See below for a Vegetarian Version
Organic Blue Corn Tortillas – or your favorite type
Cheddar Cheese Sauce – homemade is better and quite simple to make
Grilled Chicken – cut into cubes, tossed with hot sauce & butter
Hot Sauce (See My recipe below, or choose your favorite)
Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Crumbled Blue Cheese
Fresh Tomatoes, diced – I’ve used red & yellow
Grilled Yellow Peppers, diced
Sliced Scallions – or garlic chives
For Vegetarian Nachos – substitute your favorite grilled veggies for the chicken. Add your favorite beans.

Ingredients for the Nachos can be prepared a day in advance

There are many ways to personalize your Nachos. Other add-ons could include: pickled jalapeños, grilled shrimp (smothered in hot sauce), sour cream, beans of your choice or refried beans.

Layer up these Nachos just before serving and broil 8″ from your heat source.

First step: Add your tortillas to a pan suitable for the broiler, top with chicken, cheese sauce and grated cheddar cheese
Every bite is loaded with these delicious toppings!

The ultimate healthy appetizer… that eats like a meal.

For an added punch of flavor – add grilled, diced chicken to hot sauce, then pile them up



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