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On the Grill: Zucchini Crusted Pizza


All the flavor without the guilt – A low-carb dream pizza bursting with flavor. Gluten-Free.
No need to heat up the kitchen in Summer ~ grill the crust outdoors.

Zucchini Pizza Crust – a healthy alternative that’s colorful and delicious!
A side salad with local Summer ingredients adds the perfect cool crunch that complements the warm pizzas

Cooking pizza on the grill is fun in the Summer – who wants to heat the oven for 30 minutes at 500 degrees?!
So, with a little intuition, I tested a zucchini crust on the grill.

What I noted was this one extra step that insures a crisp crust – that does not stick to the foil…
~ add parchment rounds under the crust!

The dough is quite simple to prepare – ringing the zucchini (and onion) is all the work.

The zucchini needs to be dry. I’ll repeat… D R Y !!   (Find awesome zucchini now at your local Farmers’ Market.)
Then, the other ingredients will form a dough. Yes you can use regular flour, gluten- free adds the perfect amount of stickiness.

The crusts are laid on the parchment circles, then put on heavy foil. Place right on the grates of the grill, close the grill and let become golden underneath. After, broil 8″ from the heat source for a few minutes to further dry out and crisp the crust.

Cooling here further crisps the crust – then top with sauce, cheeses and toppings. I like colorful baby tomatoes and dot the final pizzas with green & purple small basil leaves and torn crispy kale.

The ultimate summer pizza without the carbs.


Ingredients for the crust. Yes, you can use a combination of golden & green zucchini
Salt is added to the zucchini, then rung VERY dry
Stirring up the Zucchini Dough
Smooth the crust dough over parchment – cut to size of pizzas… then add to doubled heavy foil
The crisped crust off the grill
Broil the crust 8″ from the heat source and let the tops become golden
I chose simple toppings: Baby colorful tomatoes, petite basil leaves and torn crispy kale
Slice the pizzas and enjoy!!

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