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Strawberry Rhubarb Cottage Cheese Cheesecake with an Oat & Almond Press In Crust


You’ll fall in love with the lighter texture of this amazing cheesecake. A simple topping with luscious Spring Rhubarb and Strawberries add just the right tart-sweet flavor and gorgeous color! Gluten-Free.

Check out the texture ~ Light and airy! I’ve perfected this cheesecake made with cottage cheese…really!
A slice of heaven…and gluten-free
The one dessert you will make over and over again this Spring.
Delight Mom… the perfect Mother’s Day Dessert!
Rhubarb is one of those flavors that is deliciously addicting…balances well with Strawberries.

You might think it’s impossible to lighten a creamy, rich and decadent dessert such as cheesecake without compromising flavor. Try this recipe! True sweet-cheesy flavor, and a lighter, whipped and airy texture which I actually like better than cream cheese!

Rhubarb: The pretty pink plant is tasty, puckery, and perfect for dessert recipes ~ offers a gorgeous color and addictive flavor. One of my favorite ingredients to work with; balances well with Strawberries.

I grew up enthralled with my grandparents fruit and vegetable garden and remember the huge crimson colored rhubarb stalks with elephant-ear shaped leaves (which are cut away because they are poisonous.) Back then, we ate stewed rhubarb with a dose of sugar and orange juice. It was a wonderful treat at the end of a meal. The flavor still lingers with me today.

Baking is a science as well an art, and the key to better baking is understanding the ingredients and interactions at play.
I’ve have enjoyed baking for many, many years. Experience fills in the blanks. You make mistakes ~ and you learn!
I love to cook, and I love improvising while I cook, but baking is a bit more intimidating. Draining the cottage cheese for 15 minutes takes away extra liquid Рproducing the perfect filling. Making healthy swaps can be a science, but should never taste like a sacrifice.

The crust of this gluten-free cheesecake has the flavor of your favorite granola, and holds up well… and complements the cheesecake filling and fruity topping.

Rhubarb is one of those flavors that is deliciously addicting. For those of you who have experienced it’s earthy yet tangy taste – it can not be compared to any other fruit! Botanically speaking, Rhubarb is considered a vegetable, but it’s most often treated as a fruit. The growing season is from April to October, yet it’s stalks will wilt in the field if the weather gets too warm in the summer.

The deeper the red color of the stalks, the more flavorful. The larger (jumbo) stalks are not as tender and stringy as the medium-sized stalks. I tend to buy bright colored ones – they bleed a favorable color.

Happy Spring Baking,

Spring Rhubarb
Press in Oat & Almond Crust with a hint of Coconut – bakes in 15 minutes
Strain small curd cottage cheese to remove some liquid
Topping the cheesecake for the final touch
Loving this cheesecake – don’t think I’ll ever use cream cheese again!
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