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Eggplant Parm Salad: Deconstructed


Crispy Eggplant roasted in the oven teams with Romaine, Mozzarella, Heirloom Tomatoes, a Zesty Dressing and plenty of Basil ~ a satisfying and interesting twist!

Eggplant, Tomatoes and Mozzarella combine for a refreshing salad – add some Romaine Lettuce for crunch and toss with plenty of torn basil
The finished salad is drizzled with my favorite “Shaken” Italian Dressing

Deconstructed dishes take foods (ingredients) that are normally combined in a dish, change their forms, and then plate them together in a different way. It’s not just about taking the dish apart, but putting its elements back together.

I’m still obsessed with late-summer produce, the abundance is high, and at it’s optimal flavor. Breeze through a framers’ market or farm stand and you can see bumper crops of eggplant and tomatoes in September.

I’ve chosen a deep purple and plump Italian variety of Eggplant.
For this recipe: peel eggplant, dice and lightly salt; drain in a colander for 20 minutes.
To give it a flavor boost in the coating –  make sourdough breadcrumbs (one of the oldest forms of grain fermentation) – which I love, or use any dry breadcrumbs you like.
The method: simply toss a few tablespoons of flour, dusting the eggplant. Then toss in an egg-wash, then toss into the bowl of breadcrumbs ~ I’ve added minced fresh garlic (love!!), Parmesan cheese and oregano.

The coated cubes are roasted in a hot oven with some extra virgin olive oil – you won’t need too much. Perfectly crispy eggplant with moist and juicy interiors.

I love how these textures and colors mingle together. Add some zesty dressing to the salad and let it soak in a few minutes before you serve the salad. A deconstructed Eggplant Parm morphs into an interesting and delicious salad!!


Egg- wash, sourdough breadcrumbs with parmesan cheese, garlic & oregano, and eggplant cubes tossed with flour
The coated eggplant cubes ready to be roasted with extra virgin olive oil
Out of the oven- crispy eggplant for the salad
Toss the salad with dressing and plenty of torn basil leaves

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