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Natural Salmon Cakes with Spring Vegetables and Green Goddess Dressing


Finally Spring! I’m welcoming fresh, vibrant produce with this easy recipe. You’ll love these Salmon Cakes- without breadcrumbs- and they hold together beautifully. A perfect light dinner or healthy lunch. Gluten-free.

Healthy and satisfying ~ beautiful colors of Spring! Wasabi, Lime and Dill flavor these simple Salmon Cakes.
Serve the Salmon Cakes with Green Goddess Dressing and Spring Vegetables

A great recipe – especially if you love salmon, and are looking for a new way to prepare it.
Break out a sharp knife and simply cut the skinless, salmon flesh into 1/4″ cubes. I skin my salmon easily, but your fishmonger will do this task for free.
Add the salmon cubes to a whisked, creamy egg white and the flavorings: lime zest, wasabi paste (make your own!), rice flour and fresh dill. Simple ingredients, no breadcrumbs here!

I team the cakes with a blender Green Goddess Dressing. A beautiful, brightly green colored zesty and vibrant dressing and dip. I chose parsley, dill and basil – but you can substitute your favorite garden varieties of herbs.

I’m loving Spring Vegetables coming to the market and paired the Salmon Cakes with a mix of: fat asparagus, sugar snap peas, purple daikon radishes and crunchy sprouts. See recipe for a quick little lemon-evoo dressing to toss with.

An easy recipe – comes together in a few minutes. Make the Green Goddess Dressing ahead go time, and dinner is on the table quickly.
Consider making the Salmon Cakes bite-sized for a tempting hors d’oeuvre.

Choosing Salmon:
A concern with farmed salmon is organic pollutants like PCBs. If this is something you’re concerned about, then do some research on the origins of your salmon and choose one that wasn’t bred in polluted waters.

Given the high amount of Omega-3s, quality protein, beneficial nutrients and low traces of saturated fats I believe that there are benefits of eating salmon (whether farmed or wild.)
See the below guide, it spells out the best choices.

Seafood Watch Program:

Enjoy the first flavors of Spring!

Spring Green Goddess Dressing ~ can also be a wonderful dip
Ingredients for the Natural Salmon Cakes
Add 1/4″ dice of salmon to a white, frothy egg white with the flavorings
Recipe makes 6, 3″ Salmon Cakes – ready to cook
Serve the Salmon Cakes with Green Goddess Dressing
A wonderful light dinner or lunch ~ consider making them bite-sized for a tempting hors d’oeuvre
Serve the Salmon Cakes with Spring Vegetables: Steamed Fat Asparagus, Sugar Snap Peas, Sliced Purple Daikon Radishes and Crunchy Sprouts. ~ See my recipe for a quick lemon-evoo dressing

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